The New York metropolitan area has every type of volunteer organization imaginable. So why not put your time to good use while also building your resume? Pick a cause to volunteer your efforts. The benefits of volunteering are many:

  • It enables you to support and give back to the local community.
  • It gives you the opportunity to network.
  • It provides you insight into organizations—and in the door on potential job leads.
  • It allows you to develop and refine new skills.
  • It demonstrates your personal values to employers.
  • It makes you feel confident and proud.

Check out some of the volunteer opportunities on the Center for Community Action and Research website.

Did You Know?

Each year, the Pace Community contributes more than 85,000 hours of service to their local and global communities through volunteering, service-learning (civic engagement and public values courses), advocacy, activism, and nonprofit internships.