Graduating Students

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Congratulations! You are in the final phase of your educational experience here at Pace and ready to begin participating in the many services specifically geared toward obtaining full-time employment after graduation. Some of the programs have deadlines, so paying attention to all the communication you receive from our office essential as well as noting dates published in the timelines below.

Campus Recruiting Program

Career Fairs

Job Search Tools

Workshops, Seminars and Events

Professional Networking

Graduate School Advising

Reciprocity with Other Colleges/Universities

  Campus Recruiting Program (CRP)


Each semester Career Services provides an opportunity for graduating students to interview with employers through the Campus Recruiting Program on the New York City and Westchester campuses. Students eligible for recruiting must be completing a Bachelor or Masters degree in January, June, or September 2015. If you finish classes in December 2014 you are considered a January 2015 graduate and not yet eligible for this program.

All students interested in recruiting must attend an orientation workshop held at the beginning of each semester. Registration with Career Services is necessary for participation and access to the online eRecruiting system. Information online includes participating employers, majors sought, types of positions and dates on campus. In addition, students may select the employers they wish to receive their resume, find out if they have been chosen for an interview and sign up for an interview online.

--  Dates for Campus Recruiting Workshops
--  Guidelines for Campus Recruiting Program (CRP)
--  Preparing for Campus Interviews

Participating Employers
There are many factors which affect the amount of campus recruiting activity year to year on all college campuses. Such variables as supply and demand, employment trends, the economy in general, and unemployment rates influence the types of organizations that visit a college campus to recruit graduates.

Generally, there are not a lot of employers participating in campus recruiting in fields where there is an abundance of candidates or for which there are very few vacancies within a given organization. This includes many positions in the fields of advertising, communications, investment banking, consulting, government, law enforcement, nursing and education. Although employers may come to campus to recruit in these fields, students should not rely on the Campus Recruiting Program to find employment. Therefore, students seeking these types of positions should consult early on with a Career Counselor regarding implementing a self-directed job search as well as other resources Career Services can provide.

     To view a list recent employers who recruited at Pace, click  click here.


Reciprocity With Other College/Universities 
Career centers at other universities are often willing to set up a reciprocity arrangement enabling new Pace alumni to use limited services. These services do not include participation in recruiting, access to university alumni, and may or may not include individual appointments with professional staff. If you wish us to write a letter of reciprocity, please send us the name of the institution, name of director of the career center, and mailing address