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Challenge to Achievement at Pace Program

CAP Profiles of Success

Andrea Panichi

Upon entering Pace, Andrea earned a 3.87 GPA overall for her first semester in the CAP Program and was awarded Dean’s List First Honors. She completed the CAP program the following spring semester, while maintaining her honors status and earning a cumulative GPA of 3.89. Andrea also became a member of the Collegiate Italian American Organization on campus.

During her sophomore year, Andrea stepped foot into the classroom as a peer leader in the CAP Program. She assisted in teaching University 101 and shared her freshman year experiences with other CAP students. The following semestser, Andrea applied and was accepted into the Pforzheimer Honors College at Pace University as a dual major in Theatre Arts and Communication Studies.

She also performed in her first Pace Theatre production and was a new member of the Kappa Delta Sorority, where she participated in multiple philanthropy events. She then held an internship position at the Center for Communication and will be moving on to work for Warner Music Group.

In her own words

“I’m not sure I would have been such a successful college student without the CAP program. The program provided me with all the information I needed to know from academics to social life on campus. Having the comfort of personal advisement meetings and weekly University 101 classes was a great resource and a wonderful experience.”

Thiat Makinwa

Thiat is an international student from Lagos, Nigeria who began her time at Pace in the CAP Program. After the first year at Pace University she had a cumulative GPA of 3.04, and then the following two semesters she continued to work hard and earned a 3.42 and then a 3.60 GPA. She maintained a 3.33 overall as she heads into her senior year.

Thiat has contributed to the Pace Press, the International Students Club and is a new member of the Keep a Child Alive organization. Thiat takes great pride in being an international student, and at the beginning of the semester served as a moderator for the first International Pace Panel - an event that served to highlight various elements of diversity that are present both within Pace and in New York City.

Thiat is currently participating in an internship in the promotions department at EMI Music Group, one of the top four music labels in the world. Though nervous about her first internship, she has been gaining great experience working in the music industry. As a Communications and Media Studies major, she has been able to apply many of the principles, skills and lessons taught to her in the classroom to real-world scenarios.

Thiat plans on participating and volunteering - as a photographer - in the New York City Annual AIDS Walk, as well as returning to her on-campus job as a Pace University Tour Guide, a position she has continuously enjoyed serving in. With her senior year approaching, she plans to further her education and pursue a Master’s Degree in either Sociology or Mass Communication and Media Studies. One of her main goals in life is to contribute to the continuous fight for human rights and the alleviation of global poverty and suffering.

In her own words

“Being unfamiliar with the American style of education, and New York City in general, the CAP program provided me with an essential foundation that has played a crucial role in both my academic and personal life. The CAP community, and especially my advisor, was the glue that kept me together through the whirlwind that was my freshman year.”

Caitlin Bizub

Caitlin entered Pace University through the CAP Program. She completed her first semester with a 4.0 GPA and was awarded Dean’s List First Honors. In her second semester, Caitlin continued her hard work and earned a GPA of 3.86. In her senior year, Caitlin maintained a 3.62 GPA and looked forward to graduating with Honors and obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Caitlin served as Peer Leader for two consecutive years in the CAP Program. Her position allowed her to provide guidance to first-year CAP students and develop her leadership skills while working alongside the CAP Program advising staff. In addition, she spent time volunteering for the West End Methodist Church in their Friendly Face program, where she visited with homebound seniors in need of companionship.

Caitlin’s undergraduate research on internet networking sites and the effects they have on college students earned her the coveted Florence L. Denmark Award for Outstanding Poster at Pace University’s 17th Annual Psychology Conference. She was also inducted into the International Honor Society in Psychology (PSI CHI) for her outstanding grades and dedication to the field. She served on the Pace University chapter of PSI CHI as Vice President. Through the hard work and leadership of Caitlin and the rest of the PSI CHI executive board, the organization was once again recognized as active by the University after being inactive for a number of years.

Caitlin is currently pursuing her options for graduate school. She looks forward to obtaining her Doctorate of Psychology in Counseling in the near future and opening her own practice.

In her own words

”The CAP Program provided me with the strong foundation I needed to complete my degree at Pace University. I felt at ease in the wonderful community of educators and advisors who challenged me not only to be my best, but to be my greatest. The adjustment from high school to college was a smooth move for me and the program ensured that any struggle I had could be addressed and overcome. In my heart of hearts, I know that because of the encouragement and support that was offered to me, I left the program feeling confident in myself to not only achieve, but to excel.”