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Challenge to Achievement at Pace Program

Registration Information

  • Review Core and Major Requirements (refer to the CAP Registration Guide distributed by your Advisor in UNV 101).
  • Draft a preliminary schedule on a blank schedule grid using the Class Schedule Catalog to locate each course name, CRN, day and time.
  • Meet with your Advisor.
  • Address any outstanding Holds on your student account (see below)
  • Know on what day you can register for classes, your student UID, and CRNs.

Possible Holds that will prevent you from registering on time:

Type of Hold Reason
CAP Have not met with Advisor
Library Owe library material and/or overdue fees
OSA Tuition has not been paid in full
HS Transcript Final high school transcript has not been sent
MMR Immunization Immunization records have not been sent
Housing Discipline Unresolved housing discipline situation


Sophomore Year Registration

All students currently in the CAP program will meet with their Advisor mid-semester in the spring to discuss registration for the following fall semester. Students should plan to take certain courses during the fall semester of their sophomore year. The following is a guideline for planning your second year. Keep in mind that you may have taken some of these courses during your first year.

  • CIS 101 (TS 105 may be substituted for Education majors)
  • COM 200
  • Next sequential Math course (refer to major worksheet)
  • Science course (must be a lab science) or Second Language course
  • Not recommended until second semester of sophomore year: ENG 201

In addition, Lubin students may register for the following courses if possible:

  • BUS 101 (formerly BUS 150)
  • ECO 105 and/or ECO 106 (must be at or above MAT 103 to take ECO 105)
  • MGT 150 (if successfully completed BUS 101)
  • LAW 101
  • ACC 203 (must have earned 32 credits)
  • If you have not taken a Learning Community, you should register for one in the spring semester.

Students should also plan on re-taking any course in which an “F” grade was received during the fall or spring semester. Please review the Recomputation Policy or see your Advisor for further information.

Students generally register for between 12 and 17 credits per semester. Students on academic probation (below a 2.0 cumulative GPA) are restricted to taking 12-14 credits.

When it is time to register for your courses, students register online through their Pace Portal. Visit the OSA website for registration instructions.

Please keep in mind that ALL current CAP students have a CAP hold on their account and will not be able to register until that hold is removed. The hold is removed temporarily after your registration advisement appointment. Students should also be aware of any additional holds on their student accounts, such as financial holds, to avoid delays in registering.

Registration Links

Summer Registration

Many students choose to take courses over the summer months. There are two options: 1) taking courses at Pace; or 2) taking courses at another institution.

Summer Courses at Pace

  • Registration for the summer semester begins in mid-March.
  • Courses are available online now at Class Schedule
  • Summer session I runs from the end of May to mid-July.
  • Summer session II runs from mid-July to the end of August.
  • For specific dates, see University Calendar.

Summer Courses at Another Institution

For complete information, refer to the University’s Policy on Taking Courses at Other Institutions.

Please note: Students must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA to take courses outside of Pace, and are limited to 12 credits in total at other institutions. Students should see their Advisor for additional information on summer study.