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Challenge to Achievement at Pace Program

Your University 101 and Peer Leader

All first-semester students at Pace take a seminar entitled University 101 (UNV 101).  This is a credit-bearing once-a-week class that is designed to address the transition from high school to college, introduce students to the resources that are available here at Pace, and facilitate success in the college environment.

Topics include

  • College as a Scholarly Community Liberal Learning: The Core Curriculum Values Clarification and Diversity Academic Self-Concept: Who are You?
  • Understanding your "Academic Self"/Academic Self-Awareness Academic Integrity and Self-Responsibility Time Management and Scheduling Goal Setting and Planning
  • Registration Academic Advisement: Thinking Beyond Registration Introduction to Four-Year Planning Campus Opportunities
  • Each UNV 101 class is assigned a Peer Leader, an upper-class student who has successfully completed the CAP Program.

Peer Leaders

  • are mentors who know first-hand what it means to be successful first-year college students.
  • serve as role models.
  • work with current students on their transition to University life.
  • work with the professor of their UNV 101 class on lesson planning and class activities.
  • are a valuable source of advice and information on what life is like as a Pace student.
  • assist students with registration for the spring semester.