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Center For Academic Excellence

Your First Week At Pace University

  • Get to know Pace Pleasantville.
    • Kessel Student Center
    • Mortola Library
    • Computer Resource Center @ Willcox Building
    • Classroom location (Sample: M23 is Miller Building, Room 25, L21 is Lienhard Building, Room 21)
  • Look at and know your schedule in advance. Know what day and time your classes are, where they are located (see FAQ page) and arrive to class early. Come to class prepared! Bring a notebook and a pen, and books if already purchased.
  • LOOK OVER THE CLASS SYLLABUS. Make sure to put it somewhere you will not lose it. The syllabus indicates the professors personal contact information, and could include when exams are scheduled, material that is expected each day the class meets and the overall grading system (each professor has their own particular grading system).
  • Introduce yourself to the professor. It is equally important for you to know the professor’s name, and for him/her to know your name.
  • After your first class buy your books. It is important that you buy the books that are required for your classes within the first week. Some professors immediately begin referring to the books the second time the class meets. (See FAQ page for information on buying books)
  • If you are a commuter, consider purchasing a locker.
  • Make sure your tuition payment and financial aid is in order. For assistance, contact the Financial Aid office in the Office of Student Assistance (OSA) at (914) 773-3431 or visit their website.
  • Get contact information for a student in each of your courses. This way, if you need to miss a class you have someone you can contact for notes/homework/etc.