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Challenge to Achievement at Pace Program

Prospective Students

The Challenge To Achievement At Pace (CAP) Program

Often, the most difficult part of starting a university career can be figuring out how to get by in a demanding new environment. Sometimes, it’s just about learning how to learn, or thinking about learning in a new way.

The CAP Program is an intensive academic support and advisement program designed to assist first-year students in meeting the demands of a college education, navigating the transition from high school to college, and building a solid foundation for a successful overall college experience. It supports students whose previous academic experience may not accurately reflect their potential for success at the undergraduate level. All facets of the CAP Program work toward the goal of successfully assisting students with the transition from high school to college. Advisors work closely with you in the CAP Program to provide academic and personal guidance. Carefully designed courses, small class settings, seminars, workshops, and tutorials will assist students in acquiring the academic skills necessary to succeed at Pace University. CAP courses will count toward most undergraduate degrees at Pace.

Special Features of The CAP Program

Advisement and Guidance

Students will be assigned a CAP Academic Advisor once they attend orientation. This advisor will follow their academic progress and personal growth throughout the first year of college and be available as an academic mentor.

Peer Mentoring

Students will also be assigned a CAP Peer Leader, a Pace University student who completed his or her freshman year in the CAP Program and who will act as a peer mentor throughout the first year at Pace.

Special Seminars

The University 101 course is designed to help students develop the best strategies for success throughout their college careers. Students will improve skills in time management, test taking, note taking, and other study methods effective in college courses. Students will also be oriented to the University Community and learn about available services and opportunities through presentations and class discussion.

Academic Support

The Learning Center and The Writing Center each provide free academic support for students seeking additional assistance with course work and/or study skills.


In order to successfully complete the CAP Program, students must complete 24 credits, achieve and maintain at minimum a cumulative “C” average (2.0 GPA), earn at minimum a “C” in English 120, and pass UNV 101. Continuation of overall enrollment is contingent upon successful progress in accordance with University regulations and completion of these CAP Program requirements within two consecutively registered semesters. Students who successfully complete their CAP Program must satisfy the matriculation requirements for their intended major.


CAP candidates are students who have the potential to achieve academically and to be successful at our University, but whose academic record has not met Pace University’s admission criteria (high school average and/or SAT/ACT). Students must apply and be admitted to the University, and then be referred to the CAP Program to participate. Matriculation begins in the Fall semester only. Students accepted to Pace University through the CAP Program are required to pay at the time of general billing a one-time fee of $550.00 for the specific academic support services offered only to CAP students.