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Steps in Choosing a Major

Choosing a major is exciting, but sometimes difficult; your Advisor is one of your best resources. With the help of an Advisor, you can make informed, confident decisions about your academic path. Your Advisor will assist you in identifying your interests and conducting some research to find what majors and careers best match them. The steps toward choosing a major are outlined below, but working with an Advisor is a great way to be sure you don't miss anything.

Self Discovery

"It is important for you to know yourself before you know what you can do. In other words, you can't give something you don't have."

Maya Angelou

What are your interests? What do you value? What do you love to do in your spare time? An Advisor in the Advising Center for Exploring Majors (ACEM) can help you learn about who you are so that you can apply this to what you do. With the help of individual appointments and self-assessments, available through the Center, you can identify your strengths, interests, and goals, which can help you and your Advisor determine a handful of majors that you can start researching. The Exploring Majors and Careers course offered at Pace can also help you in your exploration process.

Conduct Research

ACEM has information on all the majors at Pace and their requirements. In addition, ACEM Advisors can help you research your interests through careful course selection, meeting others in the field and getting connected with other university resources. Fortunately, the Advisors in ACEM work closely with the school-based Advisors throughout the campus, so you always have a connection to the other advising units when you have specific questions about a major or are ready to declare.

Gain First Hand Experience

A valuable experience, while choosing a major or evaluating whether a major is right for you, is to get involved in clubs or organizations on campus that are connected to specific majors, disciplines or fields. Visit the Student Development Office on your campus to find out more or visit the Office's websites at (NYC) or (PLV). You will learn more about careers related to the major and meet other students who share your interests. You can also look for volunteer opportunities that can connect you to the field. The Center for Community Action and Research is a great resource for locating volunteer opportunities. Visit the CCAR website for more information. In addition, Career Services can help you find internships in your field and connect you with professionals, including alumni, working in various industries. Visit the Career Services website to learn more.