Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is being in the CAP Program going to set me back as far as requirements and credits?

A: Not at all. Students typically take 14-16 credits each semester. You will take the same courses as all freshmen, i.e. ENG 110 and UNV 101.

Q: What are placement exams and why do I have to take them?

A: An important part of choosing classes for your first semester at Pace is making sure you are taking the right courses. Pace uses placement exams in Math and Writing to make sure you take the right classes. The results of your placement exam will determine your first-semester course in English and Math.

Q: How do I find my classes on the first day?

A: There are three options for locating classes.

  •  Students can check their schedule online through the MyPace Portal. As the first day of classes approaches, room location will be listed.
  • Students can refer to www.pace.edu/classschedule, and complete the following steps:
  • Enter the appropriate semester (ie. Fall Spring 2013)
  • Select the appropriate subject (English, Mathematics, History, etc.) and campus
  • At the bottom, select “Submit”
  • Scroll through the courses and find the course that is on your schedule by looking for the appropriate 5-digit course reference number (CRN). Room and building locations are listed after each course.
  • Students can also locate classrooms with the Room Location newspaper that is distributed in every building on the first day of classes each semester.

Q: Should I buy books prior to classes? How do I know what books to buy for my classes and where do I buy books?

A: It is usually not recommended to purchase books prior to classes beginning. Professors often change the required texts. On the first day of class the professor will provide you with the accurate list of required texts. As for where to purchase books, there are several options. Barnes & Noble at 41 Park Row is the official bookstore for Pace, with every text available for every course. Many students also prefer to purchase new or used books online at discounted prices through various websites and bookstores.

Q: When I applied to Pace I wanted to be in one major, now I think I may want to major in something different, what do I do?

A: During your first year at Pace your official major is CAP. Business, Psychology, etc. are “intended” majors. Students may change their intended major at any time, but need to consult with their academic adviser to make sure they are in the appropriate courses (i.e. math) for that major.

Q: Who is my academic adviser?

A: Your academic adviser for your entire first year at Pace is your instructor for the fall course University 101.

Q: I am a commuter and am still planning my morning route to Pace. What subway lines are closest to Pace?

A: There are many subway and bus lines within walking distance to Pace. A complete listing can be found at the Pace University Directions pages.

Q: I have questions about billing and/or financial aid, can the CAP Program help me with this?

A: You should direct all questions regarding financial matters to the Financial Aid office in the Office of Student Assistance at 1 (877) OSA-1830, or you can visit their website.