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CAE - Learning Assistance Center (LAC)

Academic Skills Workshops

Academic Skills workshops have been designed to provide hands on guided development of skills necessary for academic success, such as: note taking, time management, reading comprehension. Workshops are intended to offer practical application of strategies and time for student reflection.


Navigating Textbooks:

“How valuable is my $150 textbook?” Workshop content will explore how to use the format of a textbook to aid note taking, studying and preparation for class.

Learning How to Learn at the College Level:

Successful college students take a pro-active approach to their learning. This workshop will challenge you to evaluate what you want to achieve while you are in college and introduce you to the best practices of successful college students.

Successful Note-Taking:

Discerning what class notes to take and how to take those notes can be daunting.  This workshop will help you develop an effective note-taking system.

Dealing with Exams:

Nervous about that upcoming exam? Learn to approach exams with a successful plan to manage test questions.

A Deeper Dive:

Textbooks seem indecipherable! We will practice identifying several reading strategies for you to get the most out of your textbooks.  

Study to Eliminate Cramming:

“I don’t know how to study!” How often have you said this?  Attend the workshop to practice several study strategies to help you succeed.

SQ3R - Survey Question, Read, Recite, Review:

Build a framework to achieve in depth learning and understanding of concepts and ideas in your textbooks.

Last Minute Study:

It’s the end of the semester, are you feeling overwhelmed? Attend this workshop to prioritize outstanding tasks and provide resources for a path forward.

Flex Time Management:

This workshop will help you develop a time management plan that includes when and how to study while helping you find ways to use your time productively, efficiently, and happily.