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CAE - Learning Center

Information for Faculty

Request a Classroom Presentation

Faculty members on the New York campus wishing to have a Learning Center representative visit their class to introduce students to the Center may schedule an appointment by calling us at (212) 346-1329 or by emailing Narendra Ramcharan. If you would like to receive Learning Center information cards or brochures to distribute to your students, you may email your request to the above address or call x1329.

Take Home Exam Alert

Although the vast majority of students who seek assistance through The Learning Center do so for legitimate reasons, some, on occasion, request help with problems or questions that have been assigned as part of a take-home examination. Tutors are instructed to refuse help to students who request assistance with take-home exams. However, because tutors cannot always tell when a student's questions belong to an exam, they may inadvertently help a student do work that he or she is meant to do alone.

Despite our best efforts, we cannot prevent this abuse of The Learning Center without your help. If you give a take-home exam or assign other work for which you do not want students to receive tutorial support, please let us know.

Email Narendra Ramcharan or call at (212) 346-1329.

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) Special Discussion Group Program

The Special Discussion Group Program is an innovative supplemental instruction program that emphasizes faculty and student collaboration. The program is designed to provide students with additional opportunities for success by linking a one-hour supplemental group meeting with their lecture. The content of the group meetings is determined by the faculty member, while the meetings themselves are facilitated by undergraduate peer leaders chosen by the faculty member.