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Interested in Becoming a Tutor?

The Learning Center is always looking for outstanding Pace students to join its staff of tutors! Tutors enjoy a number of benefits:

  • A flexible work schedule
  • One of the best hourly pay rates for a Pace on-campus job (the starting pay rate is $15/hr)
  • The opportunity to reinforce your knowledge of subject matter (great for students preparing for certification or graduate school admissions exams!)
  • The opportunity to strengthen the problem solving and communication skills that employers look for when making hiring decisions
  • The opportunity to demonstrate a proven record of job responsibility to potential employers
  • The opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the Pace community
  • The opportunity to meet other outstanding Pace students and make new friends

Here's what our tutors say

  • “Tutoring makes me handle myself professionally and allows me to work as part of a team.”
  • “It’s a great feeling that students appreciate my help. I feel so good when they say ‘thank you’ to me.”
  • "My patience has increased, along with my ability to listen."
  • “Tutoring is intellectually challenging.”
  • "I like seeing positive results and knowing that I am really helping.”
  • "As the result of students asking detailed questions, I was able to learn more myself."
  • “My communication skills improved a lot by working as a tutor. Also, I refreshed my knowledge of math concepts.”
  • “I get a great review of math, which helps in my own studies.”
  • “I liked the feeling of accomplishment I got when a student began to understand and could do the work on his/her own.”
  • “I have gained patience and improved my communication skills.”
  • The best thing about tutoring is hearing someone say, ‘Wow! I finally understand!’”


  • Students must have earned and maintain an overall minimum QPA of 3.3 and a minimum QPA of 3.5 in the subject area for which they want to tutor.
  • Students may be asked to submit at least one faculty recommendation
  • Students who meet the minimum qualifications will be invited to interview with the Math or Accounting Lab coordinator, or when necessary, a faculty member in the appropriate department.

Responsibilities include

  • Tutoring students either one-on-one, and/or in small, informal groups
  • Participating in on-going training
  • Maintaining student records
  • Adhere to the best practixes as outlined in the Tutoring Handbook

How to apply

Complete an application. You may *download the tutor application (PDF) or pick one up on campus at The Learning Center, 2nd floor, 41 Park Row. You may request an application by calling (212) 346-1329.


* Please download and open the file in an offline editor in order to acces the form fields.