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CAE - Learning Center

Math Resources

Apart from walk-in Peer-Tutoring, the Learning Center offers other resources to support, supplement and enhance your math ability.

These resources include:

  • Fundamental Math Review- reviews arithmetic, algebra, functions and graphing.
  • Math Essentials Review- fundamental Reviews for MAT104, 111, 117, 130, 131, 132.
  • Study Guides summaries for MAT 100, 103, 104 and 111, available at the Learning Center.
  • End-of-Semester Study Halls for MAT 100, and 103 (Fall and Spring).
  • Math Mentor Program- helps overcome math apprehensions, discusses proper math study strategies and helps reinforce class material and test preparation.
  • Library of Links- helpful text and videos links to math course topic.

Learning Center YouTube Channel

Contains instructive videos

Check out our Excel guide for MAT 104/117.