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CAE - Learning Center

About The Learning Center

Tutoring is available for a variety of quantitative, business, science and introductory computer science courses both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Successful students that were highly recommended and have amiable, mature, professional characteristics are meticulously selected to become tutors. Tutors are continuously trained to maintain a high-level of content knowledge and tutoring pedagogy.

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Academic Year 2016-2017

Tutoring Visits: 10500
Individual Students: 1956
Average Session Rating: 6.5/7
Average Session Time: 1.3hours

Review Conducted: 250
Review Participants: 2190
Embedded Tutors: 22 Courses (ACC, CIS, CHEM, ECO, FIN, MAT, PHY)
PLTL (BIO, CHEM, MAT): 27 Discussion Groups
Special Cohorts Supported with targeted programs: CAP, Early Start Summer Math, Global Pathways, OASIS, Veterans.


"Amazing! She walks through the homework step by step and really makes sure you understand everything."

"Amazing, I did not even understand a single thing before the tutoring session. I have attended since Thursday and now I feel so prepared for my exam tomorrow. He is amazing - willing to stop at any point during the review session to explain it a different way to help us. AMAZING!"

"Answered all my questions and I feel I have a better understanding of the material."

"Anthony was great, he sat there and helped me through all of my problems and gave me examples to go by. He helped me understand and complete it. Great session."

"Extremely helpful with all my questions and how to get a solution. she also gave advice for the course in general and how to succeed in terms of quizzes and exams"

"He was really helpful. I had a hard assignment but he didn't give up until he helped me complete it, even though it took a while. I am very appreciative."

"Really helped me understand the material. I came in knowing absolutely nothing about matrices and now I understand them very well."

"Really taught the subject well. Made me work for the problem instead of giving me the answers so I was able to learn and understand."

"The tutor essentially made every problem I had vanish into thin air with excellent advice and overall helpfulness. Was very knowledgeable in the subject."

"Wonderful tutor. Not afraid to admit when she doesn't know something. Spent time learning it with me in the text book to give me a better understanding of the material"

"The tutoring center has done amazing things to my grades and a ton of other peoples, but I never seem to hear about it. They have helped me understand material in courses I never could have even imagined myself taking in the first place and have given the support that if you push yourself, you can do well which has shaped me into a more well-rounded person."