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Frequently Asked Questions

What programs does The Learning Center offer?
Along with peer-tutoring, The Learning Center also supports students in Peer-Led Discussion Groups (PLTL), with Embedded Tutors in classes, Study-Skills mentors, coordinates class/topic/exam Reviews, and has a host of supplemental materials available for students and instructors.

Where is The Learning Center located?
The Learning Center is located at 163 William Street, on the 17th Floor. Some special programs are conducted at other campus locations. These will be announced.

Do I need an appointment for tutoring?
Most tutoring is on a walk-in basis. Math appointment based tutoring is available Monday-Thursday (10am -12pm). Check the schedules posted in the Center, online or call for specific subject schedule.

Does the service cost me anything?
No! The service is free of charge and open to all currently enrolled Pace University students.

I’ve never been to a Learning/Tutoring center before. What do I do when I get there?
We’ve designed The Learning Center at Pace to be easy to use. Because we are mostly a walk-in service, you don’t need to make an appointment. You simply come in to the Center at the time the subject is scheduled and the administrative assistant will help you sign-in on one of the Tutortrac kiosk, then direct you to the subject room. The peer-tutors have been trained to help you get started, so don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what to say or do. We do! Anxiousness and embarrassment are sometimes hindrances for students seeking tutoring. Tutors are trained to ensure that you are comfortable. References for tutoring mainly comes from friends telling friends about their experiences. You can with another peer from your class so that you are both more comfortable. Students that come in once for tutoring will return multiple times.

If I use the Learning Center once, am I making a commitment to using it all semester?
No. Students may use The Learning Center as many or as few times as they need. They may use it as frequently as they need as well. Some students find that one visit to The Learning Center is all it takes to clarify a concept and get them back on track. Some students struggling with a difficult core or major course use the service on a more regular basis. We can’t guarantee, but generally research has shown that students should come in for at least three visits per subject to significantly impact their grade.

Is the time limit for a tutoring session?
Tutoring sessions average around 1 hour and 15 minutes. This is the suggested time. For the learning process to be effective, students need time to internalize the material and do independent practice.

I work during the day. Is the Center open in the evening or on weekends?
Yes. The Learning Center is open until 8:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and is open until 6:00 pm on Thursday. Check the schedules for the evening hours for your subject. Saturday hours are also available for some subjects.

Will there always be tutors available for my particular course?
With tutor availability, budget and space constraints, we make every effort to develop a tutoring schedule that provides as many available hours as possible for as many courses as possible. For the more popular courses tutoring is scheduled most times we are opened. Students should refer to their specific course tutoring schedule.

At this time, The Learning Center mostly supports quantitative and business courses. If you need assistance with a closely related course, do contact us and we’ll try to match you with an appropriate tutor. The Writing Center is also available to assist with papers. If you need assistance with another course, the study-skills mentor can discuss other ways of approaching the course.

Will I always have the same tutor?
Tutors have a fixed schedule for the semester, but because we offer mostly walk-in tutoring you aren’t guaranteed to have the same tutor. During quiet periods and for appointment base math tutoring it is more likely.

Will I always be tutored one-on-one?
The availability of one-on-one tutoring depends upon how many other students need tutoring when you come to the Center. If The Learning Center is very busy, a tutor may choose to form groups with students from the same course. This is often helpful to students because, as part of group, they can help each other learn. Appointment based Math tutoring is available.

What should I bring with me when I come to The Learning Center?
You should bring pens or pencils, your notebook, your textbook, your attentiveness and ready to be part of the learning process. The tutors will challenge you to think and actively participate in the session. Be prepared with specific questions and concepts that are giving you trouble.

I've gotten behind in my work - will a tutor review an entire chapter with me?
No. Tutors will help you come up with a study plan and help you focus your studying. Tutors do not teach or review entire chapters for you; it is not their responsibility to teach you or to get you caught up. You should come to the Center with specific questions or problems from chapters that you find difficult; the tutors will work with you on those.

If I'm doing well in my class, can The Learning Center help me do even better?
We hope so! The Learning Center is a learning enhancement center designed to assist both students who are having difficulty in a course as well as those who are doing well but would like to maintain or improve their performance. Students doing well may need to fine tune concepts or practice additional problems. Tutors can also verify that you have the right conceptual understanding.

When should I come for tutoring?
You should seek tutoring as soon as you are starting to have trouble with a course. Do not let the class get so far ahead of you that you cannot keep up. Come to The Learning Center as often as you feel you need to in order to succeed in the course. Students who wait until the last minute to come for tutoring will likely gain little or nothing from the experience. That's because tutoring is a process that enhances a student's understanding over time. It is not a quick fix. You are also more likely to get more individualized attention, rather than right before a test.

Must I get tutored the entire time I am at The Learning Center?
No. You may come to study quietly and ask tutors questions as you need to if you so desire.

Can I or my professors see my tutoring visits?
Yes. All tutors and instructors can access their particular visits log through Tutortrac.

How can I become a tutor?
Students thinking about becoming a tutor must meet certain criteria. Please refer to the section on "Interested in Becoming a Tutor?" Complete and submit an application for your qualified subject areas.

How can I offer feedback?
We pride ourselves on offering a quality service to the Pace community. Excellent customer service is an essential component of our services. If you would like to comment, offer constructive criticism or feedback, please inform/contact a senior tutor or The Learning Center Staff.