At the Challenge to Achievement at Pace (CAP) Program, your success is our main concern.

CAP is a one-year program designed to help first-year students meet the academic demands of a college education. Students are provided the necessary academic tools needed to meet their educational goals including a carefully designed network of selected courses, advisement and academic support services.


The CAP Program provides a comprehensive first-year experience for underprepared and/or underperforming students who typically have not met all of the university’s requirements for admission, but whose overall academic record indicates potential for success if supported throughout the freshman year. This potential for success is fostered through personalized individual and group academic advising, including peer mentoring, targeted workshops, and individual tutoring. Dedicated classes in core subjects, smaller class sizes, and individualized attention from instructors also support students in making a successful transition to college life. 


The CAP program is founded on the idea that students achieve and flourish more when they are supported consistently and feel a connection with their new surroundings; that every student is capable of thinking deeply about the world around them; and that the process of doing so is a valuable and worthwhile endeavor. To this end, the program challenges students to explore and grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally as they develop their understanding and ability to make mindful decisions that will have an enduring impact on their personal, academic, and professional development.


The Challenge to Achievement at Pace (CAP) Program strives to be an exemplary academic advising unit at Pace, providing academically underprepared and/or underperforming students with superior advising and support, excellent academic preparedness, clear educational direction, and strong Pace affiliation, allowing for greater student success both in and out of the classroom.