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Certificate Programs

Collaborative Nursing Informatics (Advanced)

The Collaborative Nursing Informatics (CNI) Advanced Certificate program combines the expertise in primary health care of the Lienhard School of Nursing (LSN) with the information systems expertise of the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) at Pace University.

The CNI program requires a total of 36 credits for completion. Twelve credits consist of the four core LSN Department of Graduate Studies (DGS) courses to prepare the students in primary health care. Five 3-credit core courses will be taken within the Information Systems major in CSIS. Instruction and assignments within CSIS courses meet the objectives of the CNI program.

Upon completion of all core courses, students take three Nursing Informatics 3-credit courses. A 24 credit Post-Masters Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Nursing Informatics is also available.

This program will be offered online beginning Fall 2006. Clinical opportunities will be offered in the student’s locale.

For more information on this program, visit the Lienhard School of Nursing.