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Certificate Programs

Computer Programming

There is an increasing need for information systems specialists in the New York Metropolitan area; articles about the shortage of qualified individuals appear regularly. This certificate program will enable interested students to either explore the field of information systems before committing to a master's degree or to incorporate information systems principles into their current line of work.

CS 121 Computer Programming I 4 Credits
CS 122 Computer Programming II 4 Credits
CS 232 Computer Organization 4 Credits
CS 241 Data Structures and Algorithms I 4 Credits
CS 242 Data Structures and Algorithms II 4 Credits
Total Credits 20 Credits

Students with little or no computer experience or with a deficiency in mathematics will be advised to take a preparatory course. All students intending to enter the program are required to contact the Department of Computer Science for advisement. For those with advanced preparation, other courses from the accredited program may be substituted for the above five with the permission of the department.

ENG 101 and ENG 102 or equivalent required.

For more information on this program, visit the Seidenberg School Web site.