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Certificate Programs

Italian Certificate

Course Requirements

Required elementary Italian I and II courses may be waived:
ITA 101 Elementary College Italian I 3 credits
ITA 102 Elementary College Italian II 3 credits
Choose two of the following courses:
ITA 280 Intensive Review of Italian 3 credits
ITA 283 Intermediate Italian Conversion 3 credits
ITA 284 Intermediate Italian Composition 3 credits
Choose four of the following courses:
ITA 310 Italian Culture and Civilization I 3 credits
ITA 311 Italian Culture and Civilization II 3 credits
ITA 301 Advanced Italian Conversation 3 credits
ITA 302 Advanced Italian Composition 3 credits
ITA 305 Italian for Industry and the Professions 3 credits
ITA 316 Introduction to Italian Literature I 3 credits
ITA 317 Introduction to Italian Literature II 3 credits
Total Credits 18-24 credits

Note: Students may choose either ITA 316 or 317.

For more information on this program, visit the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences.