Dean welcomes sophomores

Dean Feldman and the new Associate Dean for Academic Nursing, Dr. Rhonda Maneval, recently welcomed the class of 2019 to a new school year full of possibilities and opportunities.

Students wore their scrubs along with tee shirts in celebration of the Lienhard 50th anniversary.

After the dean welcomed the class of 2019, she advised students to take advantage of opportunities – embrace them; don’t be afraid of change and to get to know their peers. She also provided a list of tips for success:

1)      Prepare for each class – catching up is very difficult since you are learning something new every week;

2)      Ask lots of questions when you don’t understand something, either in class, after class, or with a follow-up e-mail or appointment with your faculty.  Don’t wait! You do not want to be in the position of falling behind;

3)      Study regularly to understand the information presented and to prepare for a quiz or test.  If you spend as little as 30 minutes each night reviewing different aspects of material you have been learning in class and through your readings, studying will be much less stressful and time consuming.

4)      Consider study teams as they can be a real asset.  Group support can be very helpful. Take advantage of available tutor time;

5)      See (or e-mail) your advisor at least once a semester outside of registration time to tell her or him how you are doing;

6)      Seek career and academic counseling or other help from your advisors and Career Services. We all want to see that you are successful.

7)      Know the “chain of command” for any issues that arise.  Know who to contact and how to contact that person. Your Student Handbook will help. Also, there are signs on each floor in Lienhard Hall that give guidance about where to go for help.

8)      In your LSN Student Handbook there are a number of policies and procedures to address a variety of situations, for example, breach of academic integrity, clinical absences, grade appeals, academic dismissal appeals, and University and Lienhard School of Nursing related complaints. This is a valuable guide. Review it often, not solely when a difficult situation arises.

9)      Know what resources are available to you and use them:

a)      Writing Center

b)      Computer Resource Center

c)       Counseling Center

d)      University Health Care

e)      See the coordinator of Disability Services if you believe you have a disability that requires a “reasonable” accommodation

10)   Be sure to take time for yourself! Have some fun and enjoy the learning experience.