PA Students Volunteer at PJ Program Charity

In March, Physician Assistant students volunteered at the Pajama Program charity in Manhattan. Students raised funds to sponsor a field trip for a kindergarten class from an underserved community in Brooklyn, NY. The students also volunteered their time as reading partners for this kindergarten class.

This was a special experience for 30 kindergarteners, who each received a new pair of pajamas, a new book, and one-on-one reading time with a Pace PA student. Our students shared time with the kindergarteners, including listening to a children’s author read a newly published book about counting coins and the importance of saving money, and each child took home a personalized piggy bank. The rest of the time was spent sharing snacks and reading to the kids in pairs.

The teachers from the Brooklyn school explained to us that many of the kids have never had a pair of pajamas of their own, and many do not have anyone that is able to read to them at home. This was an incredible opportunity for our class to come together and support these teachers and children.