Resources to Facilitate Research

The Center has resources to facilitate faculty and student research.

  1. The Center works closely with CHP’s Center of Excellence—ALPS (Advancing Leadership, Partnerships, and Scholarship) and utilizes the many resources available from ALPS. These resources include supporting CHP faculty with grants management from pre- to post-award, including grant applications writing, budgeting, submission, award disbursement, program monitoring, and reporting. The Assistant Dean for Grants and Strategic Initiatives provides individual consultations to support faculty research trajectories through internal and external funding. In addition, ALPS supports CHP faculty through the graduate assistant program, providing project assistance by master’s and DNP students who work on faculty teaching, research, and special projects. ALPS also provides a variety of technology resources to CHP faculty to support their scholarship. For example, faculty can borrow laptops for conferences, obtain a variety of software packages (University-supported or grant-funded), and reserve photo/video coverage of events.
  2. A statistical consultant, experienced in working with nurse scientists.
  3. An editor who works with faculty on publications.
  4. The Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship provides support and assistance for faculty at all stages of research from formulating a research question to writing the results for publication.
  5. Monthly research meetings where faculty come together to brainstorm resolutions to research difficulties and/or learn more about specific areas of research.
Eastern Nursing Research Society Conference