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Carol Roye

Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship

College of Health Professions

Graduate Nursing

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EdD , Columbia University Teachers College , 1994
Health Education

MS , Columbia University School of Nursing , 1986
Pediatric Primary Care Nursing

MS , Pace University, Lienhard School of Nursing , 1983
Family Nurse Practitioner

MEd , University of Oklahoma , 1969
Special Education and Psychometrics

BA , New York University , New York , 1967

Awards and Honors

  • American Academy of Nursing, October 2012 - Induction into the American Academy of Nursing
  • Hunter College, May 14, 2012 - Presidential Award for Excellence in Applied Scholarship
  • The Haitian American Nursing Association, September 17, 2011 - Haitian Nursing Education Award
  • Sex-Positive Journalism Awards , 2009 - Second place in the Opinion category for Hymen Mystique
  • The Children's Dream Foundation, June 8, 2007 - Humanitarian Award
  • Designated by the American Nurses Foundation, 2004 - Gloria Smith, RN Scholar
  • New York University Division of Nursing, November 2002 - Rose and George Doval Award for Excellence in Nursing Educaton
  • Columbia University - Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association, April 2002 - Alumni Award for Distinguished Career in Nursing
  • American Academy of Nurse Practitioners 1997 National Conference, 1997 - Outstanding Research Presentation
  • 1993 - Dorothy H. and Thomas L. O'Neil Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching


  • - Certified by National Board of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Associates Certification #86104
  • - New York State Nurse Practitioner in Pediatrics License #F380170
  • - New York State Registered Professional Nurse License #36604-1


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Roye, C. F. Beyond Knowledge and Agency: The Context of HIV Risk for Women of Color in HIV-dense neighborhoods. Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.

Jenkins, M., Roye, C. & Frederickson, K. No Rush To Motherhood: The Lived Experience of African American Never Pregnant Sexually Active Female Teens. Journal of Pediatric Nursing.


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Roye, C. F., Frederickson, K. & Anna, S. (2017, October 3). CANS. Using Mixed Methods Research to Understand Teens' Contraceptive Choices.. CANS, Washington, DC

Andrea, S. & Carol, R. (2017, July 23). ICP. Introducing the Family Nurse Practitioner Role in Haiti: A Case Study in Expanding Workforce Capacity & Improving Health Outcomes in a Low-Resource Country.. ICP, New York City

Roye, C., Frederickson, K., ANna, S. & Alsacia, P. (2017, April 5). Eastern Nursing REsearch Conference. Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs): Understanding The Underutilization of This Potential Remedy for Adolescent Pregnancy And Implications for Condom Use. ENRS, Philadelphia, PA

Sonenberg, A., Roye, C. F. & , S. (2016, April 17). Global Health Innovations Conference. Promoting Health in Haiti. Yale University & Unite for Site, New Haven, CT.

Roye, C. F. (2016, April 16). Improving Health in Haiti By Educating Nurses to Become Family Nurse Practitioners. Unite for Sight, New Haven, CT

Champion, . (2016, April 15). Understanding the Health Needs of Dominican Adolescents. Eastern Nursing Research Society, Pittsburgh, PA

DiCicco-Bloom, . (2016, April 13). Annual Meeting. A Comparison of HIV-Positive and Negative Black and Latina Women Living In HIV-Dense Neighborhoods. Eastern Nursing Research Society, Pittsburgh, PA

Roye, C. F. (2016, March 17). What Youth Say and Do: The Life Goals, Experiences and Relationships (L-GEAR) Study. Eastern Sociological Society , Boston, MA

Roye, C. F. (2015, April 16). Annual Meeting. A Comparison of Recently Diagnosed HIV-Positive Women and Women Diagnosed Early in the Epidemic: Has The Social-Ecological Context of Transmission Changed?. Eastern Nursing Research Society, Boston, MA


HIV and pregnancy prevention in adolescent and young adult women

Grants, Sponsored Research and Contracts

Roye, C. F. (2016, January). Scholarly Research Award for LARC study.
$1,416.00 . Funded,

Roye, C. F. (2015, September). Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs): A Remedy for Teen Pregnancy That Presents New and Poorly Understood Risks to Reproductive Health.
American Nurses Foundation $4,999.55 . Funded,

Roye, C. F. (2015, September). Promoting Health In Haiti: Developing a Partnership Between an Impoverished Nation and an NGO to Develop Advanced Practice Nursing Education, A Case Study.
The Wilson Center $5,000.00 . Funded,

Roye, C. F. PSC-CUNY Grant.
CUNY . Funded,Relationship Between the Availability of Emergency Contraception and the Use of Condoms by Female Adolescents

Roye, C. F. PSC-CUNY Grant.
CUNY . Funded,An Examination of Factors Affecting Condom Use by Teens Who Use Hormonal Contraception

Roye, C. F. Lucie Kelly Research Award .
Sigma Theta Tau - Alpha Zeta Chapter $1,000.00 . Funded,Study condom use by minority adolescent females who use hormonal contraception


  • Association of Nurses in AIDS Care 2016
  • National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners [Member of Adolescent Health SIG] 2014
  • American Academy of Nurses [Women's Health Expert Panel] 2013
  • National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties 2000
  • North American Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology 2000
  • American Public Health Association [Member of Population, Reproductive and Sexual Health SIG] 1997
  • Society for Adolescent Medicine 1995
  • Sigma Theta Tau 1983


  • Haiti sans Cervical Cancer [Co-founder]
    Desc: A multi-disciplinary organization devoted to developing methods to screen and treat pre-cancerous cervical lesions in a resource-poor country.
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