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Erica Gollub

Associate Professor

College of Health Professions

Health Sciences

  • @Pleasantville


B.S. , Stanford University

Dr. P.H. , Columbia University

M.P.H. , Columbia University
Population/Family Health

Awards and Honors

  • Minister of National Education, Research and Technology. Paris, France, 1998 - Award for Accomplished Foreign Researchers
  • 1997 - Fulbright Scholar
  • Agence Nationale pour la Recherche dans le SIDA (French National AIDS Research Agency), 1997 - Research Fellowship Award
  • HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies. Columbia University and New York State Psychiatric Institute, New York. , 1992 - Research Fellow


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Gollub, E. & Stein, . (2016). Beyond LARC: advancing reproductive health to include men.. , pages 1169-70..

Gollub, E. & Taleb, . (2016). Gender in children's firearm deaths: using the data to guide interventions".

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Gollub, E., Dévieux, ., Jean-Gilles, ., Pierre, ., Neptune, . & Pelletier, . (2016). “This method, I think, can shed new light”: Haitian-American women's reflections on risk, culture, and family planning decisions from a short-term trial of a cervical barrier (FemcapTM).

Gollub, E., Cyrus, ., Jean-Gilles, ., Neptune, ., Pelletier, . & Dévieux, . (2015). An exploratory study of acculturation and reproductive health among Haitian and Haitian-American women in Little Haiti, South Florida..

Gollub, E., Taveras, ., Trepka, ., Khan, ., Madhivanan, . & Dévieux, . (2015). HIV risk behaviors among Latina women tested for HIV in Florida by country of birth..

Gollub, E., Ralph, . & Jones, . (2015). Hormonal contraceptive use and women's risk of HIV acquisition: priorities emerging from recent data.. , pages 487–495.

Gollub, E. (2015). Hormonal contraceptives and HIV: hazards of pronouncing 'negative' studies with low power (letter). Contraception.

Gollub, E., Moore, ., Beksinska, ., Rumphs, . & Festin, . (2015). Knowledge, attitudes, practices and behaviors associated with female condoms in developing countries: A scoping review.. Vol 2015 , pages 125—142.

Gollub, E., Cyrus, ., Trepka, ., Kanamori, ., Fennie, ., Li, ., Albatineh , . & De La Rosa , . (2015). Post-immigration changes in social capital and substance use among recent Latino immigrants in south Florida: differences by documentation status.. , pages 1697-704.

Gollub, E., Cyrus-Cameron, ., Dévieux, ., Jean-Gilles, ., Neptune, ., Pelletier, ., Michel, ., Sévère, . & Pierre, . (2015). 'Men Don't Need to Know Everything': a field trial of a discreet, female-initiated, contraceptive barrier method (FemCapTM) among Haitian American women..


Cyrus, E., Trepka, . J., Gollub, E., Fennie, ., Li, K., Sanchez, M. & De la Rosa, M. (2017, October). Research Centers in Minority Institutions Conference. Social capital and HIV Behavior Changes in Latino Immigrants.. Washington DC

Gollub, E. & Stein, . (2017, June). Society for Epidemiologic Research Annual Meeting. Policies on LARC and Adolescents: The Need to Integrate Epidemiology with Biology and Ethics. Seattle, WA

Gollub, E. (2017, April). Columbia University, HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies. Special Symposium . Njectable Contraceptives and HIV: Moving Forward. Landscape: Policy and Public Health.. NY NY

Gollub, E. (2016, April). Third F-Word Forum. National Organization for Women

Gollub, E., Cyrus, ., Dévieux, . & Jean-Gilles, . (2015, June). Unite for Sight Global Health Conference. Yale University

Gollub, E., Stein, ., Marty, ., Beck-Sague, . & Trepka, . (2015, February). he Ebola Epidemic: Public Health, Medical and Social Perspectives. Florida International University Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work (in collaboration with Columbia University)

Grants, Sponsored Research and Contracts

Gollub, E. (2017, June 1). Young Men's Attitudes on Sexual Health.
Dean's Summer Research Grant , Pace University , $1,969.00 . Funded,


  • Science Trends [Internet], February 5 2019
    Science Trends public website (Duke University) featuring research :The Link Between Intimate Partner Homicides And Firearm Legislation. Erica Gollub & Morgan Gardner. https://sciencetrends.com/the-link-between-intimate-partner-homicides-and-firearm-legislation/.
  • Broadly (Vice) [Internet], January 30 2018
    Will Americans Ever Actually Use the Female Condom? Christine Ro. Accessed at: https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/59wxy8/will-americans-ever-actually-use-the-female-condom.


  • International AIDS Society 2016
  • American Public Health Association 1993


  • CHP Scholarship Day event committee 2019 [Committee Member]
  • Nominating Committee [Committee Member]
  • CHP Strategic Planning Retreat member [Committee Member]
  • Clinical Faculty Promotion Committee [Committee Chair]
  • Pace Open House []
  • Pace Bound []
  • College Search and Screen Committee []


  • Fulbright Campus Committee [Committee Member]
  • Kenan and Scholarly Research Committee (PLV) [Committee Member]


  • Concerned Citizens of Harrison for Community Firearm Safety
  • Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies, Board Member
  • Journal reviewer (AIDS and Behavior, AIDS Care, AIDS Education and Prevention, American Journal of Public Health, Contraception, Culture, Health and Sexuality, Expert Review of Obstetrics & Gynecology, International Journal of Epidemiology, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved ,Journal of the International AIDS Society, Journal of Women's Health, Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health)
  • Editorial Board: Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Translation Reviewer: Columbia University Press
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