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Pleasantville Undergraduate Commencement

Commencement 2019!

We are pleased to announce the 2019 Commencement date!

Pleasantville Undergraduate
Monday, May 20, 2019; 11:00am – Pleasantville Campus

Live Stream

We will be live-streaming the commencement ceremonies!

  • We will hold an on-campus viewing of the video streamed ceremony for the Pleasantville Undergradtuate ceremony in Butcher Suite in Kessel Student Center and in Willcox Lecture Hall in Willcox Hall.
  • For those watching from home, please ​watch the live-streamed commencement ceremonies here.

Additional Tickets

Due to an unprecedented number of students participating in commencement and a limited capacity for seating, we are doing our best to help provide an opportunity for all students and their families to experience this wonderful occasion.

As good citizens of our community, we hope that you can help your fellow classmates.  We are asking you to help us by returning any commencement tickets you will not need so that we may redistribute them to others. If possible, we would like tickets to be returned by Friday, May 17, 2019 so we can redistribute as soon as possible. However, we will continue to receive returned tickets after May 17th. You may return them to room Y21 on the second floor of One Pace Plaza on the NYC campus or to the Dean’s Suite on the second floor of the Kessel Student Center on the PLV campus.

We greatly appreciate your kind effort in helping to provide your classmates with the opportunity to share in this experience.  As a reminder, it is against University policy to sell commencement tickets, and we would hope that students would not take advantage of fellow classmates by selling unneeded tickets.

Pleasantville Undergraduate Ceremony:

  • If you are a Pleasantville undergraduate student looking for additional tickets, please reach out to for further information.

*As a reminder, Commencement tickets are not allowed to be sold, and we would hope that students would not take advantage of fellow classmates by selling unneeded tickets.*

Commencement Day Guest Information

Please see below for imporant information about guest arrivals on commencement day.

Pleasantville Undergraduate

  • Guests can enter between 9:30am and 10:40am. Security will hold all late arrivals until the processional is finished. At that time late seating will begin. For the best possible experience for you and your guests, ensure that they will arrive prior to 10:30am to accommodate parking. Remember that seating is first-come, first-served!

Phonetic Spelling

All students received a yellow photography card in their ticket packets at cap and gown distribuion. Do not forget to bring the yellow photography card to commencement! When you go up on stage, you will give this card to the reader for your name to be read as you cross the stage.

  • If your name is pronounced as an American English speaker would normally pronounce it (e.g., “John Smith”, “Elizabeth Long”), you may simply write your name as you would. However, if your name varies in either pronunciation or spelling from the way an American English speaker would normally pronounce it or if your name is one that may be more difficult to pronounce, please make sure to provide phonetic pronunciation of your name!
  • In order to provide the phonetic pronunciation of your name, separate syllables by dashes and capitalize stressed syllables


  • Katherine Stoneham: kat-uh-REE-nuh STOW-nuh-hahm
  • Raul Gonzalez: rah-OOL gon-SAH-les
  • Ngoc Nguyen: nahk-nuhWEN
  • Treise Bettelheim: trees BAY-tull-hime
  • Pandit Rathmasuthragandi: PAHN-deet rath-muh-sooth-ruh-GAHN-dee
  • Tchien Tang: she-YEN TAHNG
  • Myrstslv Yvtushnko: meer-ISS-ta-slahv iv-too-SHIN-kow

Commencement FAQ

Find answers to all of your commencement questions with the Commencement FAQ.

Commencement Eligibility

Students who will receive degrees in December 2018 or are expecting to receive degrees in May 2019 or August 2019 are welcome to participate in the May 2019 commencement ceremony. You must have 12 or fewer credits left by the end of Spring 2019 and complete those credits by the end of Summer 2019 in order to walk in the May 2019 ceremony. If you have credits left to complete in Fall 2019, you are NOT eligible to walk in the May 2019 commencement ceremony.

Degree Verification

All potential candidates for graduation are required to file a Graduation Diploma Verification Form, available online at the Office of Student Assistance website or at the Pace paperless website by Wednesday, March 27, 2019. With this paperless form, you will be able to verify how your name will be presented on the diploma, graduation date, program information, and diploma mailing address among other items. We encourage you to file the form immediately to ensure that the updates are processed in a timely manner that coincides with your expected graduating class. Additional information, including deadline dates, can be found on the OSA web page under GraduationFailure to meet the March 27, 2019 deadline means your name may not appear in the commencement program booklet. 

File your Graduation Diploma Verification Form by Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

ADA Accommodations 

Pace University values diversity and strives to create inclusive and accessible events for all of our students. Students requesting reasonable accommodations related to a disability for the Pleasantville Undergraduate commencement ceremony should reach out to Elisse Geberth at (914) 773-3710 or by email at in advance of the ceremony.  The priority deadline for accommodation requests is April 25, 2019, however all requests received after this deadline will be examined and best efforts to accommodate will be made.

Students requesting reasonable accommodations related to a disability for their guests for the Pleasantville Undergraduate commencement ceremony should reach out to