Certificate in Hands-on Project Management


Certificate in Hands-on Project Management

A unique course for students who want both conceptual and experiential learning, the 66-hour certificate program is designed for busy adults, and combines both online and traditional learning.

This hybrid program meets online on Monday evenings, and at Pace on Thursday evenings.  Students work in project teams to create the same deliverables for their chosen project as they would create in the real world.  By course completion students sound like seasoned project managers.
Both during and after the couse students feel ready to use their knowledge in their current jobs and in new opportunities.
Certificate in Hands-on Project Management

Dates: Fall 2014
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Fee: $4,500.00
Location: 551 Fifth Ave. 8th Floor, New York, NY


Course Description

In this course, as you learn about project management you will actually perform the duties of a real project team member. As you work with your project team, you will choose a case study and will create the same deliverables project teams create in a real-world environment. A team of instructors will help you learn the skills, tools and techniques endorsed by the Project Management Institute®. In this unique 66-hour class you will build a foundation of project management knowledge, concepts and experience. At the conclusion of the class you will present your complete project plan to the entire team of instructors, your classmates and guests.

For the convenience of busy adults, this course meets one evening per week at Pace and one evening per week online.

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You Will Learn To

  • Function as part of a project team
  • Initiate a project
  • Plan project communications
  • Define project scope
  • Create a work breakdown structure activity list
  • Estimate activity duration and required resources
  • Develop a project schedule and budget
  • Manage and measure project quality
  • Identify and mitigate project risk
  • Control changes to the project
  • Close a project

Who Should Enroll

This class is designed for participants who want an experiential approach to project management, where they can be part of a team and create real-world deliverables as they work through the project life cycle. Some experience with MS Project is recommended but not required.


Course Format

11 weeks, 2 Eves/week, offered Monday evenings (online) and Thursday evenings (at Pace), 6 pm to 9 pm. Both evenings are Instructor-led.

COST: $4500

Location: 551 5th Ave (at 45th Street), 8th Floor, New York, NY 10176



Please contact us at (888) 561-7223 or continuinged@pace.edu

Hands- on Project Management
  1. Project Management Overview
  2. Project Management and the IT Context
  3. PM Process Groups & Case Study
  4. Project Integration Management
  5. Using PM Software to Develop a Project Schedule
  6. Team Development
  7. Planning Project Communications
  8. Defining Project Scope
  9. Creating a WBS/Activity List
  10. Activity Sequencing, Duration & Resource Estimating
  11. Schedule Development
  12. Developing the Project Budget
  13. Conflict Management & Negotiation Techniques
  14. Managing Project Quality
  15. Measuring Project Quality
  16. Identifying & Analyzing Project Risk
  17. Developing Risk Responses
  18. Performance Measurement (Earned Value) and Change Control
  19. Project Procurement Management
  20. Project Closure & Lessons Learned
  21. Project Presentations and Final Project Report