Data Analysis Using Excel


Course: Data Analysis Using Excel

Excel has a rich set of built-in functions to help you analyze your data without having to learn a new program.  Whether you need to tackle descriptive statistics, standard deviation, variance, pivot tables, correlation, regression, and more, you can build upon the Excel skills you already have and master new ones in this two-day course.

The benefits for mastering these skills can be enormous, both in your current job and in looking for new opportunities.

Course Details


Start Date: Dec 16, 2013
Fee: $550.00
Number of Sessions: 2
Course Location: 1 Martine Ave., White Plains, NY


Course Description

For advanced users who have a working knowledge in Excel and need instruction in creating simple statistical calculations and representations. You will work with Excel statistical formulas and charts to display and understand data. Work with PivotTables, descriptive statistics, confidence intervals and the Excel Analysis Toolpak is included.  Approximately 75% of this class consists of statistical analysis.


You Will Learn To

  • Learn basic Statistics and Pivot tables
  • Installing and using Analysis Toolpak
  • Find Mean, Mode, Median, Minimum and Maximum values in Excel
  • Use more descriptive statistics
  • Use Standard Deviation, Variance, Modifying a chart, Histogram, Intervals
  • Learn Quantiles, Quartiles, Percentiles and Box Plots in Excel
  • Use CrossTabs and Pivot tables efficiently
  • Learn Pivot Table Filters and additional features
  • Learn to create efficiently a stem and leaf display
  • Use Confident intervals.
  • Use Correlation and Regression in Excel

Who Should Enroll

Advanced users who have a working knowledge of Excel.

Prerequisite: Advanced experience using Microsoft Excel.



Course Format

Two Days (9am- 4pm); offered weekdays; Instructor-led.
COST: $500




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Course Outline for Data Analysis using Excel

Descriptive Statistics
  • Automatic Subtotals and Percents
  • The COUNTIF() Function
  • Using the Analysis Toolpak
  • Replacing Text Values with Numerical Values
  • Mean, Median, Mode, Maximum, Minimum
More Descriptive Statistics
  • Charting Standard Deviation and Variance
  • Intervals Using a Histogram
  • Quartiles, Percentiles, and Box Plots
Crosstabs and Pivot Tables
  • Creating a Pivot Table
  • “Pivoting” the Table
  • Grouping Text items in Pivot Tables
  • Sub Totals, Grand Totals and Sorting
  • Pivot Charts
Correlation and Regression
  • Bivariate Statistics
  • Correlation
  • Scatter Plots
  • Regression
Confidence Intervals
  • Z Scores
  • Stem and Leaf Display