Introduction to Access


Course: Introduction to Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is the most popular and powerful software tool for designing and developing database applications. Our hands-on, instructor-led courses in the greater New York City Area include topics for the beginner to the more advanced user.

In this introductory course, learn the basics of designing tables, queries, forms and reports. (See also our Advanced Access Course)

Course Details


Start Date: April 30 &  May 1, 2014
Fee: $475.00
Number of Sessions: 2
Course Location: 1 Martine Ave., White Plains, NY 10606


Course Description


This is a course for people new to databases, and for self-taught users wanting to enhance their knowledge. This course will provide you with fundamental knowledge and techniques needed to design and use tables, queries, forms, and reports. You will learn a solid basis for building databases in Access and understand the basic operation of a database program. It will demonstrate performing day-to-day procedures and explain the advantages of using a relational database program.



You Will Learn To

  • Understand Access terminology and database concepts
  • Create, view and edit databases and tables
  • Import and link to data from other sources
  • Query tables for information
  • Modify table data and structures
  • Create and Modify Basic Forms
  • Create basic and grouped reports
  • Create labels
  • Search for and Sort Data
  • Use relational database operations
  • Create a basic form

Who Should Enroll

This is a course for people new to databases, and for self-taught users wanting to enhance their knowledge.

Prerequisite: Able to use the keyboard and mouse functions.



Course Format


Two Days (9am- 4pm); offered Monday-Friday; Instructor-led.
COST: $475




Please contact us at (888) 561-7223 () or

Course Outline for Introduction to Microsoft Access

Access Basics
  • System Requirements
  • Conversions
  • Terms
  • Starting Access
  • Backstage View
  • Opening a Database
  • The Access Screen
  • The Navigation Pane
Creating Databases and Tables
  • Creating a Database
  • Creating a Table
  • Creating a Table in Design View
  • Adding Data to a Table
  • Restructuring a Table
  • Primary Keys
  • Relationships
Importing Data Tables
  • Linking to Access Tables
  • Importing an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Navigation KeysSizing Fields
  • Linking to an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Importing from a Text File
Searching and Editiing
  • The Totals Row
  • Sorting a Table
  • Searching a Table
  • Setting up a Query
  • Selecting Fields
  • Sorting a Query
  • Specifying Selection Criteria
  • Wildcards
  • Additional Query Operators
  • Multiple Criteria
  • Creating a Form
  • Using a Form
  • Layouts
  • Modifying the Form Design of a Layout
  • Controls
  • Adding and Removing Controls in Layout View
  • Using the Form Wizard
  • Report Basics
  • Starting with a Blank Report
  • Keeping Groups Together
  • Themes
  • Mailing Labels
  • Modifying the Label Design
Using Multiple Tables
  • Relational Database Systems
  • Linking Multiple Tables
  • Designing a Relational System
  • Querying a Relational System
  • Applying Criteria to Multiple Tables
  • Calculations in Queries