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Groups 2020-2021: Develop Yourself and Maximize Your Success

Due Process: A Law Student’s Group

This group is for law students struggling with managing the Law School-Life balance. The group provides a safe place to discuss personal concerns and receive support.

Contact Dr. Amanda Michael to find out more about the group at (914) 773-3710


HARMLESS is a weekly, confidential discussion and support group for students who are trying to take a look at their use of alcohol, marijuana or another drug. The group is free and confidential and is facilitated by members of the Counseling Services staff. Based on a harm reduction model, the group is a safe space for students to talk about their relationship with alcohol, marijuana or another drug, consider some strategies for change and provide support for other students, including those in recovery. The group meets during Common Hour on Wednesdays (12:15 p.m.–1:10 p.m.)

Contact JR Lombardo at (914) 773-3710 to learn more about the group.

Understanding Self and Others

This group addresses a variety of concerns for students who are curious about their relationships with others (including family, friends and partners) and with oneself. The group explores themes related to identity, relationships, emotional communication and self-perception. The group provides an environment in which members can practice new ways of expressing themselves as well as share support, encouragement, and feedback in a confidential context. 

Contact Dr. Amanda Michael for more information at (914) 773-3710.

Check Out Our Relaxation Room

Make an appointment to check out our Relaxation Room now located in the Elm Hall Lobby which is designed to help individuals develop relaxation skills and cope with stress. You might also enjoy using our state-of-the-art massage chair, SAD Lamp, Buddha Board and our biofeedback software, emWave2©!