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International Students

Beginning college is a transition for all students and an especially significant one for international students. The adjustment can be both stimulating and demanding. Common concerns for international students might include:

  • Adjustment to a new country, culture and academic system
  • Adjustment fatigue
  • Missing your country and home, not being able to go home often
  • Completing schoolwork in a foreign language
  • Changes in concentration, eating, sleeping and other habits
  • Having more physical or medical issues, navigating a different medical system
  • Immigration and visa concerns
  • Difficulty communicating, being understood and expressing yourself
  • Encountering prejudice or misperceptions about your culture
  • Feeling lonely, sad, irritable and/or anxious
  • Differences in social, dating and other values at home and in your new environment
  • Finding that the personal problems you faced at home may also be present here

The Counseling Center understands that different countries have varying outlooks on mental health and getting professional support. We are committed to providing culturally-affirmative therapy by respecting and seeking to understand every student’s cultural background and values.

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