Students on the Pace Pleasantville Campus

Compensation Package

Each position carries a salary of $23,660 and includes university benefits (i.e., holidays, sick leave, medical coverage, life insurance, 10 vacation days, 3 personal days, professional development days, 10 percent discount in the student bookstore, tuition reimbursement, and library privileges). Overtime compensation to accumulate the hours necessary to complete internship are provided for a total compensation of $27,160.

Interns are encouraged to attend professional meetings and conferences. While no funds are available to pay for these activities, interns may take release time from the Counseling Center contingent upon approval by the training director and provided they report back to the Counseling Center staff to share the content of the event.

Each intern has her/his own office which has a computer connected to the Pace University network which provides free internet access and email. Other university resources are available to interns as well.

Dates of Employment

The internship will begin on September 1st and run through August 31st of the following year. Interns should be advised that they will be expected to use 5 of their vacation days during the last week of August.