Students on the Pace Pleasantville Campus

Delivery of Services

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

The opportunity to provide short and long-term counseling/psychotherapy under intensive supervision is a unique feature of the training program. Each intern carries 12 ongoing counseling cases including 1 twice-weekly, insight-oriented client for a total of 13 hours per week of the provision of individual psychotherapy.  Interns receive 3 hours of individual supervision per week including the review of interns' videotaped sessions. Individual psychodynamic therapy is offered to help students deal with personal, vocational and educational problems. Students are most often seen at the frequency of once a week though in some cases students are seen on a more intensive basis. Treatment length varies and it is common for students to be seen throughout the year. Students range in age from 17 to 60, are of diverse background, and represent a broad range of psychological difficulties.

Group Counseling and Psychotherapy

The interns co-facilitate 1 ongoing, process-oriented, psychodynamic psychotherapy group with a fellow intern. Personal development and academic skills workshops such as assertion training, career exploration, stress management, and time management workshops may also be conducted throughout the year. Groups are heterogeneous and not theme-based since the philosophy of the Center is that clients are best served through this modality.

Supervision of Extern Staff

As part of their ongoing duties, interns will supervise a graduate level psychology extern from one of the New York City doctoral programs. They will meet individually with the extern for one hour and then receive supervision, in a group format, from the Director of Training. Interns also receive individual supervision of their supervision throughout the year on an as-needed basis.

Consultation and Outreach

This aspect of the training program is flexible and we encourage interns to develop and implement programs of interest to themselves and the University community. Interns provide a minimum of 5 outreach presentations to incoming 1st year students and 1 outreach program during Wellness Week that the intern creates and conducts with the support of staff and fellow trainees. Group programs for international students, students on probation, resident assistants and student organizations have been developed by interns. Routinely, interns consult on issues of substance abuse, eating disorders and body image, HIV and AIDS, sexual violence prevention, sexuality, and wellness. Interns may also provide outreach presentations for their consultation rotation.

Summer Rotation

Interns will have the opportunity to involve themselves in on-site and off-site rotations to enhance their training during the summer months. Previous intern summer rotations have included the development of a summer undergraduate internship, inpatient hospital psychology, psychotherapy with survivors of domestic abuse, consultation with community substance abuse programs and psychotherapy with LGBTQ populations.