Students on the Pace Pleasantville Campus

Training Components


Summer-long weekly seminars include Clinical Interviewing, Therapeutic Techniques, Professional Issues, and Diagnostic Categories. Presenters from within and outside the Counseling Center present material in their areas of interest and expertise. 

Consultation and Outreach

Outreach activities comprise an integral part of the services that the Counseling Center offers to the Pace university community. Through prevention and psycho-educational programming (outreach) efforts, interns will have an opportunity to plan an activity or create materials that address a particular population, issue, problem, or concern within the Pace University community. 

Scholarly and Statistical Research

Summer interns participate in ongoing Counseling Center projects, which may include literature reviews, statistical database management, and/or scholarly writing.

Individual Projects

Each summer intern develops a presentation based on research in an area of their own interest that has relevance to the Counseling Center staff. 

Screening Interviews

Summer interns conduct mock screening interviews of senior staff members roleplaying clients seeking treatment at the Counseling Center. Interns are taught the fundamentals of interviewing and mental status examination in a seminar format prior to these interviews. 


Summer interns receive one to two hours of individual and group supervision per week. Supervision is provided by a pre-doctoral psychology intern serving as the Training Director of the Summer Internship Program, as well as senior staff conducting research and outreach supervision within seminars. Summer interns are also encouraged to consult with doctoral interns and senior staff informally about specific areas of interest or professional development. 

Evaluation and Feedback

Written evaluation of each summer intern's progress is conducted at the end of the summer by the Training Director. Summer interns actively participate in this process by responding to feedback, as well as by providing feedback about their experience throughout the summer.