Students on the Pace Pleasantville Campus

The Training Program

The training program seeks to expose interns to the wide variety of functions a psychologist can perform within a university community. The training program follows a practitioner model, meaning that our training goals focus on the acquisition of the skills needed to practice competently as a professional psychologist. That our program’s goals represent a practitioner model should not imply that we see the job of training interns as limited solely to passing along a set of practice-oriented skills. Rather, we view the competent practitioner as defined not just by her/his skills; the competent practitioner is one who is also self-aware and who has grounding in the scientific and scholarly underpinnings of psychological practice. Thus, we think of the training experience as having three facets: skills, scholarship, and self-awareness.

Our staff shares certain professional values that complete our view of the ethical, skilled practitioner, and which guide us as we design and implement training strategies. Our overall goal is to prepare interns for entry-level Health Service Psychology positions in which they provide culturally diverse, late-adolescent and adult outpatient populations with services in the areas of individual and group psychotherapy, outreach programming, assessment, and clinical supervision of intern and extern staff.

Special program highlights include training in group psychotherapy and multi/cross-cultural "competency". The training program is also noteworthy for the extensive consultation opportunities that it provides.

Specifically, interns at the Counseling Center provide the full range of services to the student population for 13-17 hours per week. Another 10 hours per week consist of supervision and in-service seminars. Interns conduct outreach on campus and have a consultantion rotation for one of four student service departments on campus. The remainder of the time is spent on special projects and administrative work.

View the NYC Internship in Health Service Psychology Handbook for 2020-2021 (PDF)