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Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Training Program

The Westchester Campuses Counseling and Personal Development Center will not be accepting applications for the Post-Doctoral Fellowship in 2021-22.


The Counseling and Personal Development Center at Pace University, Westchester Campuses, offers both a postdoctoral fellowship and, if circumstances permit, a predoctoral externship program in professional psychology. Trainees are considered part of the staff and perform, under supervision, many of the functions of the senior psychologists on staff. In addition to providing excellent training for those who wish to pursue a career within a University Counseling Center, our setting also provides clinical training for graduate students seeking to pursue other career paths. A particular strength of our training program is our ability to offer fellows the opportunity to engage clients in short term and longer term psychotherapy.

The Pace University Counseling and Personal Development Center, Westchester Campuses, is located on the Pleasantville campus (50 minutes north of New York City) and serves the Pleasantville and White Plains campuses, providing services to graduate and undergraduate students, as well as consultation to staff and faculty.

The student, staff, and faculty population at Pace University is diverse in terms of ethnic background, age, and socioeconomic status. Clients who utilize our services exhibit a wide range of psychopathology ranging from adjustment difficulties and test anxiety to psychosis and major depression. Anxiety, depression, interpersonal difficulties, and substance abuse are among the most frequent presenting problems. The main aim of the Center is to encourage members of the University community to reach their desired academic, intellectual, social and personal developmental goals.

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