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Counseling Center

Alcohol and Other Drugs Services (Westchester Campuses)

Services Provided

  • Assessment and support for problematic alcohol and other drug use
  • Assistance in dealing with family members or other loved ones who may be suffering from an addiction
  • Help in dealing with pressure to drink or use more than you want to
  • Strategies and support for changing drinking or drug use patterns
  • Support for students in recovery
  • Referral information and assistance
  • Referral Options outside of Pace University for Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment in Westchester (PDF)
  • Educational and Outreach Programming

Services are confidential and free of charge.

Types of Services

Individual counseling

Support groups:

  • Students in recovery
  • Students with loved ones who abuse alcohol or other drugs
  • Students exploring patterns of use

Some Signs that Substance Use Might be a Problem

  • Being uncomfortable at occasions when alcohol and/or other drugs are not available
  • When you are not using, regretting things you said or did when you were using
  • Arguments with friends or family related to your use
  • Being able to handle larger and larger amounts of alcohol and/or drug use over time
  • Increased work, family, school and social problems
  • Feeling angry or depressed while using or the next day
  • Lying about substance use to friends and loved ones
  • Neglecting people and events that don’t involve substance use
  • “Blackouts” or not remembering what happened when under the influence.
  • Uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when not using (e.g. shakiness, fatigue, insomnia, irritability)
  • Needing substances to cope with strong feelings, stress, and/or sleepiness
  • Wanting to cut back, but not being able to
  • Driving a car while under the influence
  • Getting into trouble at work or at school for using (e.g. showing up late, calling in sick, getting fired, failing classes)

Consultation, Education and Outreach Services to Members of the Pace Community

Educational Programs and Workshops:

  • “The Drinking Game” - an interactive board game based on a harm-reduction approach to use of alcohol
  • "Weed Wars" - an interactive competition focused on marijuana
  • " The Ills of Pills: Use, Misues and Abuse of Prescription Drugs" - an educational workshop
  • Additional Alcohol and Other Drug-related topics (upon request)

Presentations may fulfill educational and risk management requirements of student organizations and residence halls.

Consultation to Staff, Faculty, Administrators, Students and Family Members: How to Intervene, Assist, and Refer

Outreach to Students and Families at Orientation and Other Community Events 

Alcohol and Other Drug Self- Assessment Tools:

Contact Information

Pace University Counseling Center- Westchester Campuses
Administration Building, 2nd floor
Pleasantville, NY 10570
Phone: (914) 773-3710
Fax: (914) 773-3639