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BA in Stage Management

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Stage Management prepares students for careers in stage and production management through a focused four-year program that builds and strengthens the core skills needed to transition into the professional world of theater and film. Along with courses in acting, directing, and design the program offers courses emphasizing communication, prioritizing, organizational and problem-solving skills, technical knowledge, familiarity with union rules as well as multiple practicums as production stage managers and assistant stage managers.

A New Approach

One of the few programs in the U.S. designed exclusively to train students for a stage and production management careers, the BA in Stage Management at Pace School of Performing Arts blends in-class training with hands-on experience. Students are not only required to take courses such as script analysis, acting, and directing, and communication studies, but also are a part of the International Performance Ensemble (BA Actors and Directors). The core coursework takes students through a series of stage management courses, from rehearsal technique to production technique and touring, and also introduces students to production management for theater and live events. In their senior year, students complete an internship and senior thesis.

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A Working Faculty

Our faculty is comprised of New York-based and world-renowned professionals who work in the business and also possess the desire to educate young artists. Your professors can be award winning directors, major motion picture actors, Broadway company members, casting directors, artistic directors, or founding members of their own companies.

Showcase Your Talent

Pace School of Performing Arts (PPA) sponsors 40-50 productions per academic year in multiple performance venues. From day one in PPA, our Stage Management majors are in demand for School of Performing Arts productions on and off-campus in professional venues in New York City.

A Chance To Connect

The School of Performing Arts is strategically located – our New York City campus is at the pulse of the arts and entertainment industry where you begin building your career network the day you arrive at Pace, not the day you graduate. With faculty approval and guidance, students are permitted to seek out professional opportunities while still enrolled in the program.

Become One of Us

All applicants must first read the complete interview requirements and then upload the required materials on Acceptd. Applicants considered for the program will then be asked to complete a phone or in-person interview with our faculty.

Applicants upload their portfolio on Acceptd. The portfolio may include any relevant material to your experience or interest in stage or production management - for example, your portfolio could be a production binder that includes the contact sheet, prompt book, rehearsal and production notes, and any written communication between director, actors, designers, etc.

Additional Writing Sample:

All applicants MAY wish to include an additional writing sample. You may choose to write on one of the following subjects. Focus on clarity, insight, grammar and brevity!

  • A performance (play, movie, etc.) that made you understand the world in a new way
  • An experience you’ve had outside of the theater (or the art-world) that was theatrical
  • A problem you’ve had when working collaboratively that taught you something about group dynamics and behavior