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BFA in Musical Theater

Pace School of Performing Arts’ Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Musical Theater offers elite training by well-connected professionals working in the industry that combines the disciplines of acting, music, and dance.

Designed to train the unique performer, the BFA in Musical Theater major offers you the opportunity to showcase your abilities and talents while preserving and refining your individuality. Our acting, music, and dance courses have all been designed with the professional musical theater performer in mind, and each class seeks to bring together these three disciplines into a cohesive synthesis.

A New Approach

Broadway shows are no longer defined by stereotypical archetypes such as ingénue and comic side-kick, so producers are looking for unique and authentic actors who do not necessarily fit into the tight confines of these clichés.

At the Pace School of Performing Arts we want to nurture your unique and authentic voice. Our approach is a balance of process (the work) and product (the results). Our small class size and specific curriculum will ensure that you receive the individual attention you need to ensure your growth as a performer as well as your academic success.

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A Working Faculty

Our faculty is comprised of New York theater professionals who have the unique ability and passion to work with young performers. Your music theory professor could be a Broadway composer, your acting teacher could be appearing in a major motion picture, your dance teacher could be performing on Broadway, and your audition technique class could be taught by a top ten casting director.

Showcase Your Talent

Pace School of Performing Arts (PPA) produces over 50 productions a year in one of our many performance spaces – including musicals, plays, dance concerts, and performance labs that develop new, cross-discipline works. We believe that live performance is a key element to the training and development of the performing artist.

Every January, Pace School of Performing Arts presents Pace New Musicals – staged reading series of new works that puts our students in direct contact with today’s musical theater creators.

A Chance To Connect

Every successful career is based as much on what you know as who you know. Our campus is rooted in New York City’s theater community, and you start to build relationships the day you arrive at Pace School of Performing Arts, not the day you graduate. With department permission and guidance, students are permitted to audition for professional productions while still enrolled at school.

Our guest directors and master class artists are some of the top minds in the field. Recent visiting artists include Victoria Clark, John Doyle, Jack O’Brien, Joanna Gleason, Adam Guettel, Jerry Mitchell and Stephen Flaherty.

Your career begins the day you enter the School of Performing Arts not the day you graduate!

Become One of Us

All applicants must first read the complete audition requirements and then upload the required materials. If a callback has been issued, the second audition will require you to attend one of our on-campus or regional auditions (details below).


Please prepare two contrasting 32-bar song selections. Contrasting could mean a difference in style and/or vocal range. Please prepare one contemporary monologue under 90 seconds from a published play. You may use the same monologues they submitted on Acceptd, or you may choose new material; most choose to keep the same material. At the callback audition, also be prepared with 16-bar cuts of your selected material should the auditioners request them.


You will be asked to participate in a dance audition run by our dance faculty. Please dress in dance attire for this portion and bring your tap, jazz and ballet shoes. If you don’t have all of these shoes, don’t worry — we only ask that you can move well in the shoes you bring.

Preparation notes:

  1. You will have an accompanist for on-campus (NYC) auditions; For Los Angeles and Chicago auditions, please bring recorded accompaniment.
  2. Have your songs in a binder – not in a book or loose leaf.
  3. Your accompanist will not change keys or play from a lead sheet.
  4. No a capella singing.

We suggest that you choose material that will best show us you. Not how high you sing or how loud you belt – but what you are made of. Find material that speaks to you. We strive to nurture your individuality and what makes you unique, so show us who you are!

BFA Musical Theater auditions can last up to four hours depending on the audition day schedule.

Audition results are mailed from the School of Performing Arts after all audition dates have passed – usually in mid-March. Only students who have been admitted to Pace for academic study will receive audition result letters.