Master of Public Administration


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Master of Public Administration

Offered on the Pleasantville campus and the New York City Campus located across the street from City Hall

Pace University offers a 39-credit Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree preparing new leaders, policy makers and innovators with the tools they need to succeed in the fastest growing industries in the United States.

  • Develop strong analytical administrative skills, management expertise, in-depth knowledge on cutting edge policy.
  • strong connections with government agencies, health care entities, and nation/international non-profit organizations.

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Welcome to Pace University’s Department of Public Administration located at the White Plains Graduate Center. We offer master's degrees in public administration with tracks in environmental management, government, health care, not-for-profit management, as well as combined degree programs with undergraduate programs and other graduate and professional programs, such as law, business, computer and information sciences, education and nursing.

These are exciting and challenging times for the public, non-profit and private sectors. Such times call for committed individuals to enter public service and work in the public interest. Our Master of Public Administration program offers you an interesting and challenging mix of theory and practice in the local, state, national and international arenas. The key is to become a creative problem solver who is equal to the challenges before us. The goal is to foster the linkage of the management of the public and private sectors and introduce you to the best practices to make you the most talented professional possible.

Our master's degree in Public Administration is designed to cater to the needs of public and not-for-profit entities. Through a multi-pronged curriculum, Master of Public Administration graduates qualify for positions that require strong analytical and administrative skills, ability to apply various management tools, and in-depth knowledge in specific policy areas. The very close interaction with local government agencies, health care entities and the non-profit sector provides a unique work/study program for students in their fields of specialization. Because of that association, many of our courses are taught by highly experienced professionals in the field, who do not want full time teaching positions, who are willing to share their expertise and experiences.

The Master of Public Administration Program is also associated with three specialized entities to enhance student’s vision and mission in pursuit of their ideals. The Center for Health Care Policy, Education and Research is established to enhance our Health Care Management Track by bringing the professional in the field to the course-designs and curriculum development. The Center’s Advisory Board decides on the most needed course material to enable our graduates to be ahead of the market. The Edwin G. Michaelian Institute for Public Policy and Management is established to provide our local agencies with the state-of-the-art education and research opportunities, and the Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship, to connect to the needs of not-for-profit organizations. Even though Wilson Center is not a part of the MPA Program, the close association between the two entities provides a unique opportunity for those specialized in nonprofit management to gain hands-on experience.

For more information contact:

Joseph Ryan, PhD
Public Administration Department Chair
Pleasantville Campus
(914) 773-3814