Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences at Pace University!

Throughout its history, our Institution has emphasized science and scientific education. Both the NYC and the Westchester campuses have developed and maintained strong Chemistry Departments that offer Chemistry, Biochemistry and Forensic Science majors, which are approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Recently a joint task force, while reviewing and adjusting our curricula towards compliance with the new guidelines of ACS, realized that a cross campus merge would advance the dynamics and growth of our discipline. As a result the faculty unanimously decided to integrate the two campus-based departments into one strong, university-wide academic unit!

Our eighteen faculty members are dedicated teachers and publishing scholars, whose expertise span the continuous spectrum of Chemistry from Physics to Biology and Environmental and Earth Sciences. Since the integration a multitude of study and research opportunities have emerged for our students. The Chemistry, Biochemistry and Forensic Sciences curricula are designed to educate students to assume professional positions in industry, to enroll in graduate schools in chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology and for admission to professional schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and chemical engineering.

Interdisciplinary approach for our department is not just an acquired trait, it is an innate property! Our students are trained to recognize the complementary mission of all scientific branches and this prepares them to enter the world of modern scientific practice. Our curricula aim towards building strong conceptual foundations, effective processing skills, and versatile methodological approaches. We are also aware of the potential weaknesses of our students, mostly due to the variance of their background. Our compassionate faculty provide mentoring to their students beyond the classroom and the labs, during their extended availability and their guidance for effective use of the University supportive services.

Both our locations have recently renovated laboratory facilities, equipped with instruments that cover all the undergraduate teaching needs. We also maintain research grade instrumentation. Our department is paired with the Haskins Research Laboratory, and hosts the MS graduate program in Forensic Science and (in association with the Biology Department) the MS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

All our undergraduate students are engaged in research and their critical participation in their projects is emphasized. They are encouraged to start research as early as possible upon or close to the completion of their foundational course work. They all present their projects at internal and external undergraduate research conferences and some of them become co-authors in peer reviewed publications.

In addition Pace University has a strong and effective core curriculum with learning communities for teaching various topics with an interdisciplinary approach and emphasizing civil engagement. While you are preparing for your major, you enjoy student life in an academic environment that is open, respectful, and supportive of your needs. A variety of organized events and activities help you maintain balance in your intellectual growth.

So, come and join us for a career in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Forensic Sciences and soon in Chemical Physics. Enter the rewarding world of Science, unveil the secrets of Nature and expand your intellectual horizons! Become a part of the world leading American Chemical Tradition and earn a degree in a professional field that will never be outsourced!

Demos Athanaspoulos, PhD
Chair of Chemistry and Physical Sciences Department
The Harold Blancke Professor of Physical Chemistry
New York City Campus
(212) 346-1853