Current MMID-RG/Lab Students/Participants

  • Pace Psychology Doctoral Program: Jany Hernandez, Sarah Quintano, Jared Band
  • Pace Psychology Master's Program
  • Pace Psychology Major toward Baccalaureate Degree
  • Pace Doctoral Students Participating in Research Interwoven-but-Outside the Lab: Krystin Biscardi, Casey Dowdell, Rachelle Friedman

Research Associates

Current and Recent Pace University Doctoral Students Participating in MMID-RG Research

  • Yelena Bromberg, PsyD Completed Doctoral Project: "A Microanalysis of Infant Growing and Shrinking Sequential Patterns in Relation to Maternal Emotional State Within Mother-Infant Interactions: An Application of the Kestenberg Movement Profile"
  • Robin Herbst-Paparne, PsyD Completed Doctoral Project: Six-Week Postpartum Subclinical Maternal Dependency and Self-Criticism and 12-Month Mother-Infant Interactive Facial Movement Contingency: A Microanalytic Application of the Kestenberg Movement Profile
  • Diana Haddad, PsyD Completed Doctoral Project: "Maternal Personality, Stress, and Parenting Behaviors"
  • Masami Araki, PsyD Completed Doctoral Project: "Maternal Movement Patterns in Relation to Personality Features and Emotional Availability: An Application of the Kestenberg Movement Profile"
  • Alla Sheynkin, PsyD Completed Doctoral Project: "Children's Storytelling and Movement Behavior in Relation to Aggression, Affect States, Defense Mechanisms and Psychological Strengths and Vulnerabilities"
  • Liliya Endres, PsyD Completed Doctoral Project: "Maternal Stress and Mother-Child Attunement: Sharing Affective States through Movement"
  • Courtney Clabby, PsyD Completed Doctoral Project: "Relationships Between Emotional Availability and Touch in Mothers and Infants"
  • Kevin Rustam, MA, Doctoral candidate, Pace University Collaborative research in MMID-RG/Lab.

Pace University Research Collaborators

Frances La Barre, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, and co-Director of the Parent-Infant/Toddler Research Nursery, at Pace University, and a supervisor and faculty member at the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center and the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy. She lectures and teaches both in the United States and Europe. Her book, On Moving and Being Moved: Nonverbal Behavior in Clinical Practice (Analytic Press, 2001), and articles are known for her unique application of movement studies to psychotherapy, and her co-authored book (Frank & La Barre, 2011, Routledge), The First Year of the Rest of Your Life, explicates kinetic-psychological understandings derived from movement analysis that are especially critical in attending to development in infancy, and to the parent-infant relationship.

Stephen Salbod, MS, Data Analyst, Department of Psychology, Pace University (NYC)

External Research Collaborators

Beatrice Beebe, PhD, Clinical Professor of Medical Psychology (in Psychiatry), College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University, New York State Psychiatric Institute; faculty at the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center, the Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity, and the N.Y.U. Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis; co-author with Jaffe et al. of Rhythms of Dialogue in Infancy (Blackwell Publishing, 2001), author with Lachmann of Infant Research and Adult Treatment: Co-Constructing Interactions (Analytic Press, 2002), and author with Knoblauch, Rustin and Sorter of Forms of Intersubjectivity in Infant Research and Adult Treatment (Other Press, 2005), author (with colleagues) of The Origins of 12-month attachment: A microanalysis of 4-month mother-infant interaction (Attachment & Human Development 12-2010); author with Cohen., Sossin, and Markese, Mothers, Infants and Young Children of September 11, 2001. She is in private practice in New York City, specializing in adult psychoanalysis and mother-infant treatment. Currently she directs a primary prevention program for mothers who were pregnant and widowed on 9-11.

Phyllis Cohen, PhD, founder and director of the New York Institute for Psychotherapy Training in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence, where she teaches and supervises, and is an adjunct assistant professor at the New York University Department of Applied Psychology. Together with Dr. Beatrice Beebe, she co-directs the World Trade Center Project for women who were pregnant and lost their husbands in the World Trade Center disaster on 9/11/2001. Dr. Cohen is co-editor of Mothers, infants and young children of September 11th: A primary prevention project and has written numerous papers and chapters on child, adolescent, and family therapy. Dr. Cohen works with children, adolescents, adults, and couples and families in private practice in Brooklyn, New York.

Susan Loman, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, KMP Analyst, Director of the MA Program in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling at Antioch University New England since 1987 and serves as Associate Chairperson and Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology. A member of the Academy of Dance Therapists Registered and a National Certified Counselor, she served as the Chair of the Education Committee for the American Dance Therapy Association (1995-1999) and has been on the editorial board of The Arts in Psychotherapy since 1997. She has written numerous articles and co-authored/co-edited three books, including, "The Meaning of Movement: Developmental and Clinical Perspectives of the Kestenberg Movement Profile." She currently teaches the KMP system at Antioch University New England and taught the system at the Laban/ Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies in New York City for fourteen years. She has lectured and conducted KMP workshops in Germany (1993-present), Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, England, South Korea and the Netherlands, as well as throughout the U.S.

Janet Kestenberg Amighi, PhD, MSS, MSLP, received her PhD In 1985 in Anthropology, and later her degree in social work/social policy. Author of the book Zoroastrians of Iran: Conversion, Assimilation and Persistence. Did anthropological research in Iran, Bali, and among Mexican immigrant workers. She teaches anthropology at Montgomery County Community College, and has taught at Weste Chester University. She is the co-author of The Meaning of Movement: the Kestenberg Movement Profile. And she regularly teaches an introductory KMP course at Drexel University. Her special interest is in cross cultural applications of the KMP.


Jan Charone-Sossin, PhD, MSEd, Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology, Pace University, formerly Assistant professor of Education, with a focus on special education, at Pace. A clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, teacher, and writer, Dr. Charone-Sossin has a special interest in treatment and educational approaches for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

Silvia Birklein, PhD, CMA, BC-DTR (NYC)

Amy Reale, PsyD (Singapore)

Jessica Sharkey, PsyD (NY) graduate of Pace's School/Clinical-Child Psychology Program. Research completed on parent-infant emotional availability. Doctoral Project: "Emotional Availability, Parenting Behavior Perceptions, Child Temperament and Parent Personality Characteristics" Paper Submitted for Publication: Sharkey, J. M., Sossin, K. M., & Mowder, B. Considerations of Emotional Availability, Parent Role Characteristics, Infant Temperament and Parent Personality.

Jocelyn Shaw, PhD, BC-DTR

MMID-RG Postgraduate Research Collaborator 2013-2017

Karolina Bryl, MS, CMA, DMT, Doctoral Candidate (Drexel University), Dance-Movement Psychotherapist, CMA in Laban Movement Analysis

Co-author, poster presentation, World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH), Edinburgh Scotland, July, 2014: "Movement Analysis of parent-infant interaction: Windows into meaning making: Kinetic patterns of mothers and one-year-old children in relation to emotional availability, emotional availability, maternal personality, and infant temperament.

Co-author, co-presenter, Association for Dance-Movement Therapy, San Diego.

Co-author, poster presentation, World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH), Prague, Czech Republic, July, 2016: Integrating A Psychoanalytically-framed View Of The Body And Movement With Empirical Study Of Patterns Of Behavior In The Mother-infant Dyad: The Kmp In Developmental Research, Theory And Practice Kinetic Patterns Of Mothers And One-year Old Children In Relation Emotional-availability, Maternal Personality, Infant Temperament And Touch Behavior

Co-author, co-presenter, Moving From Within Congress III, Munich (Herrsching) Germany, June, 2017. "Empirical KMP Research and its Implications for Theory and Therapy."

Lab Specialist and Graduate Assistant 2014-2017

Yael Moskowitz, BA, Doctoral student, Pace University, Collaborative research in MMID-RG/Lab; Currently collaborating with Dr. Sossin on a chapter pertaining to trauma, and to child survivors of the Holocaust.

Lab Specialist and Graduate Assistant 2017

Stacy Beach, BA, Doctoral student, Pace University