The Parent-Child Institute (PCI)

The Parent-Child Institute (PCI) at Pace University-New York City is an academic research institute located in lower Manhattan. The PCI embraces the goals of fostering research on parents and children, securing grant and other funding, providing advanced students with research experiences, offering presentations regarding parents and children to academic and community organizations, and disseminating research findings.

Current PCI research activities include an examination of parenting behavior importance differences among parents, as well as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) based on diversity of respondents, in addition to other factors. Further, the Parent Behavior Importance Questionnaire – Third Edition (PBIQ – 3; Mowder, 2018) was recently completed and now has a manual, scoring protocols, and SME as well as parent norms. A parent training manual, the Working With Parents Manual was recently developed and PCI researchers have received preliminary approval to conduct a pilot feasibility study. Further, research is being conducted on global perspectives on parenting.  Research anticipated includes parenting in conjunction with both individual adversity and resilience experiences, diversity in relation to parenting behaviors, and parenting in conjunction with child development outcomes

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