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Barbara Mowder, PhD
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The Parent-Child Institute
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The Parent-Child Institute (PCI) at Pace University-New York City is an academic research institute located in lower Manhattan. The PCI embraces the goals of (1) fostering research on parents and children, (2) securing grant and other funding, (3) providing advanced students with research experiences, (4) offering presentations regarding parents and children to academic and community organizations, and (5) disseminating research findings.  Current PCI research activities include an examination of how parents differ in their views of the parent role characteristics of bonding, discipline, education, general welfare and protection, responsivity, and sensitivity (as well as negativity) in child rearing in comparison to mental health professionals. Many of the current research studies utilize the Parent Behavior Importance Questionnaire – Third Edition (PBIQ – 3).

In addition, A 10 session, in-person parent training program, the Working With Parents Manual (WWPM), was recently developed and in 2019 PCI researchers received Pace University IRB approval to conduct a pilot feasibility WWPM study. Subsequently, due to COVID-19, all in-person research at Pace University ceased. The WWPM study was subsequently modified to become WWPM: COVID-19; the modified research received Pace University IRB approval (April 27, 2020).  This research now involves three groups of participants: (1) on-going WWPM participants have the opportunity to have three optional WWPM: COVID-19 sessions as well as resuming their prior WWPM sessions, (2) prior WWPM participants have the opportunity to have three optional WWPM: COVID-19 sessions and/or an opportunity to evaluate their prior participation in the WWPM study, and (3) new participants will have the opportunity to participate in the WWPM: COVID-19 study with the WWPM including the additional COVID-19 sessions.  All three groups will be receiving the parenting program through the use of Zoom sessions and related Qualtrics measures. In general, the modified research provides parents with the chance to consider their parenting aspirations and goals along with their challenges and strengths in the time of COVID-19.

Finally, research is being conducted on parenting in conjunction with individual adversity, resilience, and other factors, ethnic diversity in relation to parenting behaviors and beliefs, and parenting in conjunction with child development outcomes. Research, currently in the planning process, is being designed to consider parenting before and after COVID-19 as well as parent challenges, emotional availability, strengths, and stress during the time of the pandemic