MPASA Leadership

Qualifications to become an officer are based on willingness to participate for a one-year term, desire to serve, and commitment to the role and responsibilities of the position. Any individual interested in obtaining a position as an officer may nominate him/her self or other associate members of the organization.

Interested candidates are encouraged to seek advisement from MPA program faculty/advisor prior to election. If an office position becomes vacant, the position will be filled by appointment or election. The position will be appointed if the officer departs within six months or less from completion or compliance of their term. If the departing officer’s term exceeds a six month period, then an election will be held.

Current officers are not excluded from seeking re-election. Officers (i.e.‚ President‚ Vice-President‚ and Secretary) will be elected. Election of officers will be held based on the availability of an open seat.

If you wish to participate in MPASA, please contact faculty advisor Andy Crosby, PhD,   (914) 773-3155

Executive Board 2017-2018

President NYC: Antonio Namwong
Vice President NYC: Shanna Simon
President PLV: Joe Ranere
Vice President PLV: Mario Garcia
Treasurer: Fiana Sandy
Secretary: Caroline Rivera