Applied Psych and Human Relations, BA / Mental Health Counseling, MS


Applied Psychology and Human Relations / Mental Health Counseling

This program provides practical training in counseling and clinical psychology, and fulfills the prerequisites for certification as a licensed mental health professional in the state of New York in the areas of general psychology, substance abuse and grief counseling. Our undergraduate Applied Psychology and Human Relations majors may complete the MS in Mental Health Counseling in six years. The combined-degree program is open to students who maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average through their first three years.

The Psychology Department in Pleasantville integrates the understandings of cognitive-behavioral, existential-humanistic, and developmental counseling approaches into our teaching. Thus, we give our students the opportunity to develop a range of skills that will serve you in the variety of situations you will encounter professionally. Your studies can become an opportunity for growth and academic learning. You should find that this dimension will foster a high level of commitment to your studies. An important feature of our counseling graduate programs is our emphasis on hands-on skill development. Our students become active participants in their education through training groups, role-playing, the observation of video vignettes of counseling sessions, and taping of practice sessions.

We offer small classes and individual attention. We have students from all over the United States and from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Many are international students. There is great generational diversity too, with students ranging in age from their twenties to their sixties! It is easy to see how this mix can make for a very rich and rewarding environment, especially in counseling.