English Language and Literature, BA

English Language and Literature, BA


English Language and Literature, BA


English Language and Literature, BA

Whether your interest lies in journalism, creative writing, literature, linguistics, publishing, teaching, or law, the BA in English on Pace University’s New York City campus offers three concentrations and several combined degree options to develop your specific interests. Our programs will help you open doors in virtually any field, such as journalism, publishing, communications, business, the arts, law, and education. Minors in English, creative writing, journalism, and translation studies are also offered.

As an English major, you will be guided by our outstanding faculty of authors, editors, and world-renowned scholars with diverse research interests and expertise. Beyond the classroom, you will have the opportunity to learn from prominent poets and authors who visit campus, publish your own work in Aphros, our literary magazine, and gain hands-on experience working on The Pace Press, our undergraduate student newspaper. We offer a mentoring program, internship opportunities, and an annual writing contest. Whether you are an English major or take our courses as part of the core curriculum, you will develop skills that are in demand in today’s competitive job market: top-notch writing, insightful critical analysis, and clear, organized thinking.


Majors' Concentrations:

Creative Writing Concentration

Students will engage with literature as they develop their own voices in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, playwriting, and screenwriting.

Literature, Culture, and Media Concentration

Students will engage with current and historical literary texts and grapple with their relevance to media change and to the formation of notions of community, identity, and the possibilities for social and political change.

Language and Linguistics Concentration

Students will examine and learn to explain everyday phenomena related to language such as the commonalities across all languages, how new words are formed and adopted while others are rejected, and how language shapes the way we think and conceive the world.



Most minors are available to both English majors and non-English majors, offering the ability to diversify your experience and skill set at Pace.

Creative Writing Minor

For English majors who are not in the Creative Writing concentration and for students in other fields who want to study creative writing, this minor offers an opportunity to take classes in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, playwriting, or screenwriting. 

Translation Studies Minor

Offered in conjunction with the Department of Modern Languages, this minor includes courses on literature and the theories of translation, as well as translation workshops that prepare students for advanced study in translation and careers in literary fields.

Journalism and Digital Storytelling Minor

Offered jointly with the Department of Communication Studies, this minor is designed for students who are interested in journalism and other writing-focused careers, as well as for those who want to explore digital culture and its relationship to writing. 

English Minor

Students with other majors can minor in English by concentrating in either upper-division literature or writing courses.


Combined Degree Programs:

Students persuing the BA in English Language and Literature may also consider one of these combined degree programs, which ultimately save one year of study:

English Language and Literature, BA / Publishing, MS

English Language and Literature, BA / JD in Law

English Language and Literature, BA / Adolescent Education, MST

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