Latin American Studies, BA


Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies major is a multi-disciplinary program which incorporates courses in History, Economics, Modern Languages, Art, Anthropology and Environmental Studies. Through challenging courses, hands-on learning and cultural events, our diverse program prepares you for a career in a wide range of exciting fields or for graduate study.

The purpose of this program is the development of versatile bilingual professionals and area specialists who are equipped to meet the challenges of a complex global economy. This 36-credit major includes a selection of courses from various subject areas, including Modern Languages and Cultures, Economics, and Sociology and Anthropology.

The program is built on a foundation of cross-disciplinary learning communities focused on themes of culture, society, cinema, economic development and politics. The result is a major strong in required courses yet flexible enough to offer students many choices in each theme area. Innovative aspects include interdisciplinary teaching, travel/culture courses, internships, and civic engagement. The program has a unique network of partnerships with consulates, museums, and businesses that provide enriching opportunities, such as field trips and guest lectures.

The BA in Latin American Studies allows students to use New York’s status as a center of Latino culture, business, and economy to career-building advantage. Students may double major in select programs, an option that permits sharing of 21 credits, thereby making degree completion possible in a relatively short period. Students who elect this option will find favor with prestigious employers and graduate schools.

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