Liberal Studies, BA


Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary program of 120 credits in two-three arts and/or sciences academic disciplines as determined by student interest and advisement. It is appealing to upper-level transfer students and particularly to adult students interested in the possibility of applying Experiential Learning credits towards their degree*. Sample concentrations are Communications and Literature; Criminal Justice and Sociology; and General Liberal Studies. The latter concentration is particularly flexible because it can be built around a theme of the student’s choosing, such as American studies; government; and philosophy and religious studies.

When choosing a concentration, the student works closely with advisers from the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences in order to construct a meaningful and coherent educational experience. Note that many courses applicable to the Liberal Studies major are offered online, though students are free to choose online or on-site ones.

*Note: Up to 36 Experiential Learning credits may be applied toward the degree. Students interested in applying such credits take INT 196B Portfolio Assessment (2 credits) as part of their Open Elective credits.