Physics, BS



The study of physics at Pace University is a well-balanced program of theory and experimentation. The student is given a thorough understanding of the main theoretical lines of physical thought and a solid grounding in laboratory practice. This program provides students with the technological skill to successfully compete for positions in industry and government. It also provides a solid basis for graduate study.

The study of chemistry is both challenging and rewarding. At its essence, chemistry is a central science offering a wide range of career options. In the Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences on Pace University’s Pleasantville campus, professors are actively involved in research in the areas of nanotechnology, environmental science, and physical chemistry. Through prudent selection of elective courses, in consultation with faculty advisors, chemistry majors may choose a specialization in a pre-professional course of study, such as pre-med. The Dyson Hall of Science, a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary science research and education facility in the Pleasantville campus, was recently renovated to include the creation of more integrated research and teaching spaces, and updated experimentation equipment.

We are committed to Pace’s tradition of excellent teaching, scholarly growth and service, while providing a nurturing environment for our students. Pace University’s motto of Opportunitas is central to our teaching philosophy. We apply this principle to prepare our students to possess the critical and analytical thinking skills, the creative minds, scientific and instrumentation competency, and the specialized abilities to perform proficiently and confidently in the world of science. We not only want to ensure students learn what they need to be successful scientists and citizens of today’s world, but also to instill in them the ability to continuously learn and evolve as professionals, so that they may continue to grow with the ever-expanding knowledge of the 21st century.