Political Science, BA / JD


Political Science / Juris Doctor

The field of law spans many disciplines and welcomes new perspectives. In this dual degree program, Pace offers students the chance to focus undergraduate study on an area of interest and then apply it to law through our Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor program. This is an accelerated six-year program.

Students may pair their BA degree from one of several outstanding undergraduate programs listed below with a law degree. During sophomore year, they must apply separately to the School of Law and meet the established criteria for admission, including an appropriate score on the LSAT. Admission into the undergraduate portion of the program does not guarantee admission to the law school

Available accelerated BA / JD Programs are:

  • Biology / Juris Doctor
  • Communications / Juris Doctor
  • English / Juris Doctor
  • Environmental Studies / Juris Doctor
  • History / Juris Doctor
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies / Juris Doctor
  • Political Science / Juris Doctor