Latina/o Studies Minor


Latina/o Studies Minor

This major requires a total of 15 credits

9 credits (3 courses) constitute the core courses in the program and are required for all students.
6 credits (2 course) serve as electives

  1. Core Courses (3 classes)
    LLS 100: Latina/o Communities
    LLS 240: Research and Analysis
    POL 257: Latinx Politics in the United States

  2. Electives (2 classes)
    ANT 215: Latino Families in Cross-Cultural Perspective
    HIS 113B: The American Experience: American Diversity, Immigration, Ethnicity & Race
    HIS 113S: The War Film in History: Genre, Gender and Race
    HIS 345: History of America Immigration Law, 1790 to the Present
    INT 198M The History, Literature and Culture of the Spanish Borderlands of North America. (6 credits) LC
    LAS 220 Caribbean Transnational Cultures (six credits) LC
    LIT 211J: American Voices

    LIT 211U: American Voices: Latino Literature in the United States
    LLS 393: Internship in Latina/o Studies

    LLS 400: Fieldwork Seminar in Latina/o Studies
    NYC 230: Immigration, Ethnicity, and Race in NYC History
    POL 296R: Racial and Ethnic Politics
    POL 301J: Workshop: Constitutional Law and Social Change
    POL 302C: Constitutional Law: Civil Rights
    POL 302M: Race, Immigration, & Citizenship
    PSY 296A: Psychology of Ethnic Groups in the United States of America: The Latino Experience
    SOC 112: Race & Ethnicity in Cities
    SOC 209: Race & Ethnicity
    SOC 227: Crossing Borders: Immigration in American Society
    SOC 296S: Making Ethnographic Documentaries
    SOC 296V: Hispanic Families
    SPA 154N: Hispanics in NYC (in English)
    SPA 154Q: Latino Film (in English)
    SPA 154R: Latino Identity (in English)
    SPA 154S: Latina Writers (in English)
    SPA 321: Literature & Culture of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean (in Spanish)
    SPA 346: Hispanic Literature & Culture (in Spanish)
    WS 266: Gender, Race, & Class

** Spanish language courses CAN count for up to 6 credits in the area of Humanities or as an elective.
**Study Abroad and Border Study courses by approval only.